U.S. snares Karzai pal
in Afghan terror sweep

By Paul Sperry

WASHINGTON — A friend of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was among terrorist suspects captured by U.S. special forces in a raid on a home suspected of harboring Taliban and al-Qaida operatives southwest of Kabul, WorldNetDaily has learned.

The friend and colleague of Karzai was at a suspicious
residence where forces found a model of a Boeing 747,
ammunition, weapons, grenades and a satellite phone,
say informed sources here and in Afghanistan.

The home was in the Uruzgun province between Kabul and

Not long after the raid last month, Karzai called a U.S.
commander to complain that forces had arrested one of
his friends, sources say. The suspect initially was
held in the Deh Rawod district of Uruzgan province.

Later, Karzai vouched for the whole group caught up in
the recon sweep in late September, sources say. A
total of 23 suspects, or PUCs (persons under control),
were captured, only to be released later. They were to
be photographed and interrogated.

Officials immediately put a tight lid on the mess,
described by one well-placed source as “warlord
politics,” in an attempt to minimize political fallout
for the White House, which essentially hand-picked
Karzai to replace ousted Taliban leader Mullah
Mohammed Omar. U.S. soldiers are guarding the newly
installed Afghan leader around the clock.

The incident calls into question the loyalties of
Karzai, who last week met with Saudi Crown Prince
Abdullah in Riyadh. He also visited Saudi Arabia in January
on his first trip to the Middle East as Afghan’s new

Saudi Arabia is said to have exported thousands of al-Qaida
fighters to Afghanistan and financed their terrorist
operations. It also was one of only a handful of
countries that maintained diplomatic ties with
Afghanistan’s former ruling Taliban militia.