Baghdad Bonior

By Joseph Farah

Rep. David Bonior, a 13-term Michigan Democrat – and until recently second-ranking in House Democratic leadership – worked tirelessly for years leading up to Sept. 11, 2001, for rules ensuring Middle Easterners would not receive any unusual scrutiny at the nation’s airports.

He was successful – even at getting President Bush to sign a new law to that effect, one that might have contributed directly to the deaths of 3,000 Americans.

Bonior also championed the case of Dr. Mazen Al-Najjar, jailed before Sept. 11 because the FBI and Immigration officials suspected the Gaza native was a mid-level terrorist operative, and because he had violated the terms of his visa.

He was unsuccessful in this endeavor. Al-Najjar was ultimately deported to the United Arab Emirates.

Bonior, who lost a bid to become Michigan’s governor, also took campaign contributions from Dr. Sami Al-Arian, the University of South Florida professor said to be Islamic Jihad’s front-man in the United States. Al-Arian and his wife, Nahla, donated at least $3,450 to Bonior’s campaigns. Al-Arian also raised funds for Islamic Jihad – an ally of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network.

What did such campaign contributions buy for Al-Arian? We got a clue in June 2001, just three months before the terror attacks on the U.S. During a White House meeting on President Bush’s “faith-based initiatives” that month, a uniformed Secret Service officer felt compelled to remove a 20-year-old Muslim intern working for Bonior. Apparently the young man was seen as a security threat – and understandably so. The intern’s name was Abdallah Al-Arian – the son of Sami Al-Arian.

And if all this isn’t incestuous enough, it turns out Al-Najjar is Al-Arian’s brother-in-law.

In a speech to the American Muslim Alliance in 1998, Bonior urged lifting the sanctions on Iraq, claiming they had killed some 700,000 children. More recently, since returning from Baghdad this week, Bonior has revised that estimate downward to 500,000 – even though four years have transpired since his earlier estimate and even while claiming 50,000 children a year continue to die as a result of U.S. actions.

It’s hard to believe, with a record of achievement like this, that anyone would take anything Bonior says as credible. It’s hard to believe he is still permitted to serve in the House of Representatives. It’s hard to believe that he was so high in leadership within his party for so long. It’s hard to believe he was taken seriously as a gubernatorial candidate in the state of Michigan. And it’s even harder to believe there is not a national uproar of Americans to punish this creature to the fullest extent of the law.

Not since Hanoi Jane Fonda seated herself on that anti-aircraft gun in Communist North Vietnam have Americans so willingly and compliantly and shamelessly pimped for the enemies of freedom, the enemies of decency and the enemies of God and humanity as did Bonior and Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., when they went to Baghdad and pleaded Saddam Hussein’s case before the world on live television.

Bonior and McDermott won’t be punished, though, by their congenial colleagues on the Hill. It just won’t happen. They should be unceremoniously unseated – at the least. Better yet, they should be prosecuted for high treason and violations of the Logan Act. But, let’s be realistic. That won’t happen. In America, the laws are written to punish you and me – not the lawmakers. The privileged elite are free to ignore the law, flout it – even on live international television.

But you, Americans, can hold Bonior and his party accountable for their crimes – and, believe me, the Democratic Party has plenty of culpability for Bonior’s shameful, disgraceful political career.

It’s an election year. Turn the bums out. Stir the pot. Make political history. Cause a revolution.

Don’t do it because the Republicans represent a great alternative – because they don’t. Do it because the Democrats – far too many of them – are evil, pure and simple. They have no redeeming social value. They are outright traitors themselves or apologists for treasonous behavior. They are enemies of the American people and the American way of life.

I hate to be partisan, but if Democrats look to creatures like Bonior for leadership, they are simply no good. Time to send them all packing.