Kamikaze pilot tries to kill Saddam?

By WND Staff

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A kamikaze pilot from the Iraqi military attempted to assassinate President Saddam Hussein by flying a plane into one of the dictator’s presidential palaces, reports Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

According to Pravda online, the report of the incident, which was to have occurred last week, is based on information from Iraqi sources. The Iraqi government has yet to comment on the incident, reports Al-Qabas. The pilot reportedly died in the assassination attempt.

There have been several attempts on Hussein’s life in recent years. After the Gulf War, Saddam increased the number of security guards protecting him and began employing several doubles. According to the Pravda report, a former chief of the Iraqi secret police told German journalists that Hussein’s doubles have been used for official meetings with foreign guests, preventing several attempts on the Iraqi leader’s life.

Iraqi opposition members have tried to kill Saddam as well. The most recent attempt resulted in the executions of 14 accomplices last month, reports Pravda.

The Iraqi opposition also tried to arrange an armed ambush of Saddam in January 2000. The plot was uncovered, reports Pravda, and all of its participants – 38 people – were executed without a trial or an investigation.