FBI Terrorism Task Force on case

By Paul Sperry

WASHINGTON – The FBI’s Terrorism Task Force is working the Beltway sniper investigation.

Agents from the bureau’s Baltimore and Washington field offices have been assigned to the case, an FBI spokesman says.

But their involvement has more to do with manpower needs than any leads regarding terrorism, say local police detectives working the case.

Both federal and local authorities have insisted in interviews with WorldNetDaily that it’s implausible that terrorists are behind the shootings, because no terrorist group has left any demands or messages to further its cause. Nor has any group taken credit for the attacks.

Of course, al-Qaida didn’t take credit for the Sept. 11 attacks – or, for that matter, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Nor did the Islamic terrorists issue warnings, political messages or demands before, or concurrent with, the attacks.

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