Give ’em the needle

By Kyle Williams

We’re in crazy times in the Washington, D.C., area, as a “sniper” has been driving fear into the suburbs of Capitol Hill with what appear to be random murders of citizens. This is truly one of the more bizarre and troubling cases to hit mainstream America for some time.

It’s turned Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas upside down with the effort to catch the killer, and the situation has grown to where innocent school children are being gunned down on campus.

However, if this murderer continues on his rage of hate and killing, he will, most likely end up being caught by the police or FBI. Many speculate it will turn into another court fiasco playing out on our television screens every night.

So, if and when we catch this crazed killer, a question will come up as to what to do with the mass murderer. Life? Capital punishment? Those are the only choices we have. Moreover, those are good choices – we must be hard on the criminals.

However, that toughness also must be across the board and not let up. What am I writing about? I’m talking about the so-called vigilance in the war on terror, the punishment of killers, and the future of those who have worked to destroy America.

Johnny bin Walker was captured by United States forces earlier this year and eventually made his way back to the United States. By the time he got back, the media was having a field day and his rich parents got him a fancy lawyer.

Apparently his lawyer is doing a good job for him, because he’s getting off easy. In a plea deal, he will only get 20 years in prison in exchange for information. This is the same man who killed men and women in Afghanistan and had directly dealt with the now famous and deceased Johnny Spann. A man that has turned into a hero for most Americans. Where is the outrage at this injustice?

He’s getting the easy way out in exchange for bogus info. Let’s face it: He is a pawn in the game of terrorism against America and Israel. He has no information. He’s the same guy that told FBI interrogators that America would be attacked shortly after he was detained.

Psycho sniper in Washington, D.C., might have some info on militant groups somewhere in rural America. Are we going to let him get off with a measly 20 years too? Of course not, but we’re doing the same thing with Ratboy John Walker.

Our justice system is the same as it has been since its founding, albeit with changes thru legislation and the like. Changes have come along with Operation Enduring Freedom and the prosecution of foreign and domestic terrorists, but it must be used to its full potential. Why is John Walker getting out easy on this deal? I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s wrong.

Let’s look at the facts: Walker is generally in the same boat as the sniper. Taliban Johnny may have killed as many, if not more, people in the battle fields of Afghanistan. So, isn’t all life equal?

Are we going to do the same thing with the “Shoe Bomber”? The man who wanted to bring down a passenger plane and kill dozens of people. He most likely has some “information.” Are we going to let him out with 20? Both John Walker Lindh and Richard Reid appear to be young men. If they both end up getting 20, there’s still a lot of life left.

Note to the sniper: Give information on domestic terrorists like yourself and you will be out
of prison in about 20-30 years – that is, if justice is fair in that respect across the board.

No, I will not hope for an easy way out for the sniper, but I will marvel at the hypocrisy of “justice.”

Both these men should get the needle.