Humor columnist to write weekly

By WND Staff

Doug Powers, a writer of humor, satire and occasional serious commentary on issues of the day, begins writing a weekly column for WorldNetDaily today.

Beginning his writing career over 10 years ago, Powers produced a panel cartoon that he called “The Powers That Be.” The panel appeared in several small magazines over a couple of years, but he moved on to writing humorous fiction, non-fictional stories and short-form humor. Powers has worked for Airborne Entertainment and, where he wrote topical jokes and other short comedy bits that were read by millions of Internet subscribers.

Shortly after he began writing columns based on current events, political madness and the quirkiness of human nature, Doug’s work started appearing regularly in several online news journals and a print publication, the County Press newspaper in Panama City, Fla.

Additionally, Powers has written several humorous fictional stories and non-fictional accounts on the trials and tribulations of raising a family. He lives in a small town in Michigan with his wife, three children and a cat that wandered in over a year ago and has yet to be named. For now, the cat’s called “Todd,” since Doug thinks that’s an underused cat name.

In Doug’s spare time, he enjoys playing with his kids, speaking in the third person, fighting taxation without representation, fighting taxation with representation, more writing and sports. He remains a loyal fan of the Detroit Lions and Tigers, despite being driven to the brink of suicide on several occasions.

Powers column, “THE POWERS THAT BE,” can now be read online every Monday exclusively on WorldNetDaily.

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