The real Reagan

By Joseph Farah

I don’t have many heroes and role models – at least not among the living.

Ronald Reagan is one. I say this without any embarrassment. I say it though I didn’t always agree with his policies. I say it with deep admiration and the utmost respect.

One of my regrets in life is missing opportunities to meet him when he was still on top of his game.

I just read what I consider to be the best biography of Reagan ever written – one that captures the essence of the man and his mission – his determination, his insight, his wisdom and the impact he had on the world.

The book is called “Reagan’s War,” by Peter Schweizer. It goes on sale today in bookstores across America and online.

“Reagan’s War” is subtitled “The Epic Story of His 40-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism.” Schweizer explains Reagan better than any previous biographer through this prism of the worldview that motivated Reagan through his Hollywood years, his political activism in the campaign for Barry Goldwater, his experience as governor of California, his little-known diplomatic activities at the behest of Richard Nixon, his failed efforts to become president and his successful terms in the White House.

It’s a masterpiece. It’s riveting. It’s a great read. It’s compelling. It’s eye-opening.

Not only do we learn about the courage and fortitude of Reagan, we learn through Schweizer’s excellent reporting about the weaknesses of so many other leaders of his time – men like Nixon and Kissinger, who stood for nothing more than their own self-aggrandizement.

Schweizer uses some unusual source material – including documents from the old Soviet archives – to reveal the truth about this most misunderstood of recent American leaders.

You will discover a Reagan much deeper, much more cerebral and much more focused than most of the recent mythology has suggested.

This man knew what he wanted to do from his days as an actor in Hollywood. He wanted to fight evil. And he clearly recognized communism as the worst menace afflicting the world in his time.

He also recognized early on there was only one way to fight it and win – without compromise, without appeasement, without hesitation, without mincing words. It worked in Hollywood as he led the fight of the Screen Actors Guild to turn back an attempt by Soviet apparatchiks to take control of the most powerful medium in the world. And it worked on a grander scale in his showdown with a Soviet Union that had grown, by the time he became president, into a mightier and more determined military power than the United States.

Reagan didn’t blink. He didn’t blink when he was in Hollywood and communist goons threatened to destroy his acting career by throwing acid in his face. He didn’t blink as California governor during the 1960s when his campuses were ablaze. And he sure didn’t blink when he was face to face with the Evil Empire headed by Mikhail Gorbachev.

This book is uplifting. It is inspirational. It is loaded with great anecdotes and Reagan stories.

I consider myself one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the history of Communist Party involvement with Hollywood. I’ve spent countless hours talking with the principal players in that conflict. Yet, I learned details about that period in the very first chapter of Schweizer’s book.

Am I recommending this book? No, I am begging you to read it. I am asking you to devour it the way I did. I am eagerly anticipating your reaction to it. I am urging you to give it to people you know.

There’s a lot of truth in this book – truth people need to hear. It’s the story of one decent man on a mission, who succeeded – with God’s help – probably well beyond his own expectations.

Was this a hard enough sell? If not, here’s more: Do it for the Gipper.

It’s time to celebrate this great man, this hero, this role model for all of us. May God bless him.

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