Socialists to regain control of Congress?

By Neal Boortz

We have an election three weeks from today. In just 22 days, we’re going to know whether or not the socialist Democratic Party has retained control of the Senate and if they will call the shots in the House. Just in case you actually plan to vote, it might be nice if you knew what they have up their sleeves.

Now that the poll-reading Democrats have, by and large, voiced their support for the use of force to remove the threat of Saddam Hussein, it’s time to for them to try to shift the focus of the election. Over the last few weeks, you’ll find them focusing on two things: Social Security and the economy.

Social Security is one of the two greatest frauds ever perpetrated by government on the people of the United States (the other is the idea that this country is supposed to be a democracy). Social Security will now be the focus of a three-week Democratic campaign blitzkrieg to scare the wrinkles right off of our wizened citizens. We will hear dire warnings of benefit cuts and seasoned citizens dining on Alpo. To some extent, it will work. Democrats have always been able to demagogue the Social Security issue because seniors feel vulnerable and those just beginning to pay their Social Security taxes are pathetically ambivalent.

Many voters, though, aren’t impressed with the Social Security issue. For these voters, the Democrats can always fall back on another Democratic Party staple: a healthy dose of class warfare. This brings us to the economic side of the Democratic Party campaign.

Daschle and company want to put the economy on page one. They know that the economic ignorance of the majority of voters – especially Democratic voters – will help them cast evil Republicans as responsible for every drop in the Dow and those diminishing 401K values.

Democrats have been demanding more attention to the economy from President Bush for months. During this time, these very same Democrats have been engaged in a pork-spending orgy in the Congress such as has not been seen in decades – all without producing an economic plan of their own … until now.

Late last week, Democratic leaders told us just what they will do if the voters are wise enough to give them legislative control next month. The plan is simple: They will take money away from people who are unlikely to vote for Democrats and give that money to people who are more likely to vote for Democrats. Pure brilliance!

The Democrat economy has two main features. First we have tax refunds for middle- and lower-income Americans. Then, there’s the elimination of further tax cuts for high-income Americans.

First, this phony “tax refund” idea. It’s Orwellian nonsense. Most of these lower and middle-income wage earners pay no federal income taxes anyway, they’re getting a free ride. Using “refundable” tax credits and deductions and such ideas as the fraudulent Earned Income Tax Credit, the Democrats have been working diligently to shift the entire burden for the payment of federal income taxes away from these middle- and lower-income earners and onto high achievers.

You can measure their success by the fact that right now the top 50 percent of taxpayers pay almost 96 percent of the taxes, and 80 percent of all income taxes are paid by about 25 percent of the wage earners.

So, just how, pray tell, do you give a tax “refund” to someone who pays no income taxes? It’s so easy! You just write them a check! And where does the money come from? No problem there either. You get the money from those who do pay income taxes. There’s more of the former than there are of the latter, so the numbers work real well for Daschle and company.

The second part of the Democrat economic plan is another Democratic Party staple – a tax increase. The Democrats propose to eliminate any remaining tax cuts for high achievers – tax cuts that are already on the books. Simply put, a tax increase. If the law says that the top income tax in the year 2007 is going to be X percent, and you pass a law making that tax rate X+2 percent, it’s a tax increase. Don’t bore me with silly arguments to the contrary.

With the phony tax “refunds” for the majority, and the tax increases for the minority, Democrats will shift the burden of paying for the massive Imperial Federal Government even further away from their likely voters.

What an economic plan! What leftist cabal wouldn’t love to rule in an economic system where money can be seized from those whose votes you don’t need, and spent on those whose votes you do need?