Bush ‘rejects’ WND’s
line of questioning

By Les Kinsolving

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At today’s White House press briefing, both of WorldNetDaily’s questions to presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer came directly from WND’s interactive forum MR. PRESIDENT!

The first question addressed the nature of Islam:

WND: If it is true, as your administration claims, that Islam is a religion of peace, how can such a claim continue to be made in light of the Quran’s promotion of violence and killing in Surat 4, 5 and 9? And in light of their historic subjecting of defeated unbelievers to paying tribute to Islam –

FLEISCHER: Lester, the president emphatically rejects your constant line of questioning. The president believes –

WND: He did?

FLEISCHER: The president believes and knows that Islam is a religion of peace. And I don’t think anybody anywhere in the world should blame the innocents, should blame a religion for the acts of a depraved few. And that’s why it’s important that the United States is engaged to bring justice to those depraved few, while honoring and respecting our Muslim American neighbors and Muslims around the world.

WorldNetDaily then asked Fleischer about illegal immigration:

WND: Ari, on another subject, if thousands of illegal aliens walked across the Crawford ranch property every month, trashing the land, smuggling drugs, and threatening to rape and injure and kill the residents, would the president do something about it? This, of course, is happening on our borders, as you know.

FLEISCHER: Is there a question here, Les?

WND: Yes.

FLEISCHER: Of a serious nature?

WND: What is the president planning to do about millions of the illegals coming across the border? Is he going to do anything about this?

FLEISCHER: Well, of course, through the various agencies of the federal government, we have a series of protections in place in a country that is opening and welcome, and has a border that in some places is not as – that can be porous. And this is a longstanding issue for our country, about how to enforce and protect our borders.

And, interestingly, in the aftermath of Sept. 11, with the additional steps and protections that have been taking place on the border, we have gotten better controls of our border, but it remains an important and vexing issue about how to be an open society and enforce our law.

WND: But President Fox –

FLEISCHER: Mr. Sanger.

WND: – President Fox thinks that it should be an open border. The president doesn’t agree with President Fox –

FLEISCHER: You only get two, Les. Mr. Sanger.

WND: All right, well, thank you for the two.

FLEISCHER: I treat you like I treat everybody else.

WND: Thank you very much.

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