Daschle’s anti-Israel political roots

By WND Staff

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle launched his political career as a top aide to Sen. Jim Abourezk, D-S.D., who characterized Israel as a “terrorist” state.

According to office memos obtained in an investigative report by World magazine, Daschle was the senator’s point man on space, defense and foreign affairs – including the Middle East.

Abourezk was a Lebanese-American dubbed by one radio commentator as “the senator from Saudi Dakota” because of his pro-Arab, anti-Israeli views and positions. Abourezk, during the Persian Gulf War, compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Daschle was more than a passive aide rubber-stamping his boss’ extremist positions, according to the World report.

“Undeniably, he was the top foreign-policy aide to the most stridently anti-Israel senator ever to serve on Capitol Hill,” the World report surmises.

An April 3, 1975, memo submitted by Daschle blasts America’s “carte blanche policy on military supplies to Israel.”

“Mr. Daschle made heroes of the Egyptians who had ‘sacrificed so much for so long for the cause of Palestine … approximately 500,000 Egyptian lives and millions of dollars in destroyed property over the 26-year history of Egypt’s involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict,'” reports the Oct. 12 issue of World.

After leaving the Senate, Abourezk organized and chaired the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He served as its chairman for 15 years, stepping down in 1995.

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