Selected WND stories
on terrorist attacks on U.S.

By WND Staff

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Paul Harvey healed
for ‘rest of the story’

Radio legend credits God with allowing him
to comment on war


Did environmentalism
cause WTC collapse?

Fire, heat weakened asbestos-free
steel columns of towers

Muslim websites in West defend bin Laden,
call for ‘5th column’


Airport-security firm
at mercy of Muslims

EEOC case forced company to rehire Arabs, instate Islamic-sensitivity training program.

U.S. radio broadcasts
utilized by bin Laden?

Former intelligence agent: Taliban
likely transmitting secret messages


U.S. Army Muslim chaplain questions duty
Captain gets mixed signals from foreign Islamic leaders

Arab flight students
streaming into U.S.

Group of Algerians follows on heels of 14 Syrians training to fly in Texas

Was Clinton pro-Taliban?
Congressman charges Afghan extremists coddled, oversight efforts ‘belittled’

Is anti-terrorism anti-Constitution?
New federal powers concern analysts
from both sides of political spectrum


Cipro stockpile smaller
than feds claim

Figure of 2 million dosages actually includes amoxicillin, doxycycline

Iraq back in U.S. sights
Anthrax attacks make Hussein major priority

Afghan ground offensive set
Turkish special forces mission to occupy Kabul

‘Arab terrorists’ crossing border
Mideast illegals slide into U.S.
along boundary with Mexico


Syrians flood flight schools
14 enter at Dallas/Fort Worth; INS gives
passport info to FBI


U.S. Muslim leader: Jews did it
Cleric says if Americans knew truth
they would emulate Hitler


Bin Laden and the Mogadishu massacre
When U.S. tried to aid Somalians, terrorists conducted guerrilla war

Bill gives authority
to kill bin Laden

Would provide non-government forces
permission to take out terrorist


Bush can order bin Laden assassinated
Executive order banning such action
can be ‘circumvented’


The enigmatic Osama bin Laden
Because of his enormous following,
he may prove very elusive


Was airline safety
sacrificed for cash?

Gore commission material still classified,
withheld from public, dissenting member


Bin Laden’s secret citadel
Elaborate fortress won’t be easy target,
ex-Soviet nuke silo nearly inaccessible


FAA whistleblower:
Security tests rigged

Former inspector says feds design stings
so checkpoint screeners pass


Don’t talk to the FBI
Group urges Arabs in U.S. to shun inquisitive feds

200,000 soldiers at bin Laden’s command?
Western intelligence has no clue as to his whereabouts

Bill would ensure pilots’ right to bear arms
‘We don’t need more intrusive government,
we need freedom’


Saudis change minds
on U.S. support

Palace dispute behind King Fahd’s
secret departure to Switzerland


Did Israelis evacuate towers?
Net rumor sparked by reports
from Pakistan, Hezbollah


Saudi royal family in flight
King Fahd airlifted to Switzerland
in anticipation of hostilities


Bin Laden tied to Mogadishu massacre
Somalia trail may provide clues to leaks
of top-secret U.S. codes


A digital mole in White House?
Terrorists had top-secret presidential codes

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