Selected WND stories
on terrorist attacks on U.S.

By WND Staff

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Feds eye security holes
at AA’s Dallas hub

‘One more violation,’ and foreign screeners ‘out of here’

Panel: Attack on U.S. ‘inevitable’
2000 report criticizes feds for lack of ‘coherent’ terrorism strategy

Hijacking ringleader
was ‘sweating bullets’

Atta’s scramble to catch Boston flight casts doubt on notion of flawless plan

A song for troubled times?
New patriotic anthem burns up airwaves


Recent report warns
of bin Laden threat

Government document released
just 1 day before attacks


Captains to FAA: Focus
on cockpits

Airline pilots argue for bullet-proof doors,
cameras, rubber-bullet guns, other steps


National Guard preps
members for worst

E-mail advises personnel to get wills in order,
wear dog tags


Who profited from bombing?
New evidence of short-selling of stocks prior to attack

Terror for privacy
Feds want more wiretapping powers, Net crypto crackdown

Bee cartoonist won’t be disciplined
Drawing offended sensibilities, compared
Vietnam to NYC attack


Will conventional weapons be enough?
Officials: After ’90s mil-tech ‘fire sale,’
mini-nukes may be necessary


Comfort over the prayer-waves
Vigils held via satellite, next week on Capitol Hill

Hope and heroism
Sights, sounds and speculations at ground zero

Hijack suspect was wanted man
U.S. denied Israel’s request for extradition

Pistol-shooting parties
at terrorist safe-house

Neighbors of alleged Flight 11 hijacker
suspected drug-dealing, called police


U.S. sent Afghanistan $125 million
Washington is largest donor for 2nd straight year


Cartoon offends U.S. sensibilities
Newspaper’s drawing compares attacks
to incident in Vietnam


Churches respond to crisis
Congregations mobilize relief efforts, focus on prayer


Arafat-bin Laden link cited
Israeli leader sees ‘more than circumstantial
evidence’ of ties


Religious leaders
respond to attacks

Falwell, Graham, Colson, others urge prayer,
condemn terror


Cohen: ‘It’s not over’
Former defense secretary predicts more terrorism


Feds say White House,
Air Force One targets

Officials have evidence Pentagon
not original D.C. goal of terrorists


Flight 11 had mechanical delays last week
‘Why couldn’t it have been yesterday?’
grieving workers ask


Cargo clean on American jet
Lobsters, not explosives, on plane that destroyed tower

U.S. equipped terror sponsors
Clinton exported NSA-ducking phone, high-tech encryption devices to Syria

Pentagon suspects
Osama bin Laden

Officials anxious to take terrorist out,
after Clinton let him ‘grow in strength’


Terrorists slit throats
of 2 AA stewardesses

Flight attendants ‘were trying to stop
them from getting inside the cockpit’


Who’s responsible
for this bloodbath?

Bin Laden linked with Arafat, Palestinians
glorify suicide attacks


Tower insider tells of terror
‘I began to see aircraft seat parts,
shoes and even a little doll’


Why the Pentagon
was so vulnerable

Official says plane attack considered,
but defense plans ruled out


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