Has killer sent ‘9-11’ message?

By Paul Sperry

WASHINGTON – It’s been more than 72 hours since the Beltway sniper last struck, the longest stretch so far. To date, he’s killed nine out of the 11 people he’s shot.

He’s 9 for 11, or 9-11.

Is it a sick Sept. 11 message from Islamic terrorists?

“To be honest, I’ve thought of that,” said Montgomery County Police Officer Joyce Utter in Maryland, where six of the shootings occurred.

Of course, authorities tell WorldNetDaily that other factors may explain the pause.

It has rained heavily in the Washington area over the past few days, and the weather may have convinced the sniper to postpone his heinous murdering until more targets return to stores.

Also, the government reported that the Pentagon would lend a surveillance plane to assist the manhunt, which may have convinced the sniper – or snipers – to lie low for a while.

Further, the last shooting at a Home Depot in Virginia produced several witnesses who have given authorities more clues, perhaps even a license plate number. That too may have convinced the sniper, or snipers, to go to ground.

But here’s a chilling thought: If you include the one missed shot that opened the rash of shootings Oct. 2, which was the bullet that entered the window of a Maryland crafts store, the count is 9 fatalities, 11 hits and 1 miss – or 9-11-01.

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