Attack Iraq now!

By Kyle Williams

60 Minutes II has reported this week that Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, has stockpiled enough chemicals to kill every single human being on planet Earth. The insane and blood-thirsty dictator has enough biological agents like Sarin and VX to carry out this widespread death and destruction.

If Saddam, for example, decided to attack the United States with biological warfare, it would be a slaughter. VX can kill a person within 15 minutes of inhalation, skin contact, ingestion or eye contact by shutting down the central nervous system.

This slightly disturbing news is coming from the flagship station for liberal bias in news reporting. That leads me to wonder why on earth we are seeing liberals, and even some conservatives, turn their powers against an initiative to destroy Saddam Hussein and his truly evil regime. Do these people want America to be brought to its knees again and countless innocents to die?

CBS News and the Bush administration are doing a fine job of giving us reason to go after Hussein. However, we also see Sen. Bob Graham, for example, tell Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto viewers that “we need to try to set the table before we start the war in Iraq by taking out some of those international terrorists.” Just stalling, stopping and delaying. Why? Who knows.

What I do know is that 3,000 people dying is nothing compared to the attacks that may yet come. Maybe when a million are dead in Washington, D.C., the naysayers will get behind attacking Iraq.

We’re all going to disagree on the specifics of an attack on Iraq – and this nation could go on for years in a debate on what exactly to do there. Yet, we have to get past that and decide on a single plan: Saddam Hussein, on the list of terrorists of the world, must be neutralized and the infrastructure of his dictatorship of terrorism must be destroyed.

I don’t know all the answers. I don’t have a whole lot of answers. Still, what I do know is that Bob Graham, Dick Armey and the rest of the anti-war crowd don’t want to hear about the death of their family as a result of a bio-warfare attack by a psychopath in the Middle East.

We know he has these weapons of mass destruction. We know he is months away from the option of nuclear deployment. We know that he has not one speck of morality or value for human life. Lastly, we know that he will not hesitate to kill innocent Americans, Britons, Israelis or any citizens on the globe.

President Bush has stated before that we can’t negotiate with terrorists, and the only thing he has given Hussein is an ultimatum. However, Baghdad Bonior and McDermott, as well as Daschle, Kennedy and more senior Dems are attempting to negotiate with terrorists through some meaningless United Nations resolutions. Maybe they could also take a tourist trip to Baghdad, see the sick and dying people of Iraq and then blame it on America.

Republicans and Democrats alike are putting up a political smoke screen that is delaying justice. A justice that they, in part, signed onto by voting for the USA Patriot Act. They can hide in their bunkers, wear gas masks all day, sweat in hazmat suits and call that a defense, but that’s not the America I know. This nation is better than a life of fear.

This war is just, it is right and it is necessary. In this country, we kill to save lives, we go to war for peace, we destroy cities to rebuild and we sacrifice for life.

As the socialist-environmentalists like to say, we have but one earth, so take care of it. I say, save the planet; go to war.