Bin Laden linked
to Bali blast

By WND Staff

Osama bin Laden has been linked to the Bali bombing by the testimony of one of his senior lieutenants, according to today’s edition of the Sunday Times of London.

CIA interrogators have reportedly been told by this top aide that thousands of dollars from an account controlled by bin Laden was used to buy explosives by the Islamist group suspected of the attack.

The Sunday Times reports it has seen a confidential U.S. intelligence document which reveals that $74,000 was transferred from an account in the name of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Emirati, one of Bin Laden’s pseudonyms, to pay for three tons of explosives bought from the Indonesian military.

Nearly 200 people died in the attack on a nightclub last weekend. C4, a powerful plastic explosive used by the military, was also used in the Bali bomb although its origins are not yet known.

The intelligence document details a confession made by Omar Faruq, described as bin Laden’s envoy in Southeast Asia, who was arrested in Indonesia in June and handed over to the CIA in Afghanistan. Faruq described a series of plots to kill westerners, Indonesians and Israelis, including:

  • Random shooting of Israelis and Americans at hotels across Indonesia. This was abandoned because it would have only “minimal impact.”
  • Hijack a civilian aircraft and fly it into an Israeli target.
  • A plot in May 2002 to blow up American naval vessels during U.S.-Indonesian military naval exercises, for which Faruq was trained in planting underwater explosives.
  • A chemical attack using cyanide to be sprayed from perfume bottles.

In 2000 Faruq escorted Ayman al-Zawahiri, the al-Qaida second-in-command, on a trip to Indonesia to forge closer ties with rebel groups trying to drive out Christians from the mainly Muslim Indonesian archipelago.

Faruq told American interrogators that Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, the spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah, the Islamist group suspected of the Bali bombing, received $74,000 from the Bin Laden account. Ba’asyir sent his assistant to buy explosives ? illegally sold by the Indonesian army ? which were then distributed to Islamist groups there.