Snipe hunt

By Vox Day

A wit has opined that in addition to calling for national ballistic registration, an extension on the “assault weapons” ban and expanded gun control in general, the mentally-challenged anti-gun forces now emboldened by the fatal D.C. snipings should also be calling for the outlawing of white delivery vans. After all, white vans also appear to be an integral part of the snipers’ murderous activities.

A van ban would do about as much good, too. After all, several of the shootings took place in Maryland, which already has the totally useless ballistic registration law in place, (and I do mean totally – not a single criminal has ever been caught due to this ridiculous and easily circumvented procedure). And just in case this little fact hasn’t completely escaped everyone’s attention, shooting people in the head is already against the law!

There are two primary possibilities. Either the shooter is an American sociopath, a right-wing Christian devotee of the sniper subculture as the New York Times would have us believe, or it’s yet another peaceful demonstration of “internal struggle” (aka jihad) by devout practitioners of the religion of peace. While I have no idea who’s actually breaking the notoriously strict gun-control laws of both Maryland and the District of Columbia – and shooting people in the head – I tend to incline toward the probability of the latter.

I’m no sniper, but I am a reasonable marksman, and I am well-acquainted with both former military snipers as well as a few talented long-distance shooting enthusiasts. Although they don’t serve to completely dismiss the possibility of a non-Islamic psychopath, there are some things that appear to make it pretty obvious that it’s a shooter, not a true sniper, running amok in D.C.

First, the caliber is a bit on the small side. While there are some sniper rifles, such as the Sig Sauer 550 Sniper, which shoot a .223 cartridge, a .308 Winchester is the round preferred by the U.S. and other militaries. Serious amateur enthusiasts, unsurprisingly, tend to go for the glamour of the big .50 caliber guns, like the Barrett 82A1, which are also known to be used by the Israeli special forces as well as the U.S. Navy Seals.

Second, the “so-called sniper experts” whom gun-clueless journalists appear to enjoy casting in a negative light aren’t just engaging in manly chest-beating when they express a degree of skepticism about the shooter’s ability, assuming the ranges reported by the police are correct. A decent marksman would expect to keep his shots in the black at 100 yards with a scoped pistol, and teenage varmint hunters regularly take out squirrels and groundhogs at much greater distances. As for professional snipers, one would expect them to take their shots from five times the distance, and confirmed kills of over one mile have been recorded.

But beyond the nature of the snipers themselves, the current situation does do us the benefit of greatly clarifying the protective role of the police, or rather, the lack thereof. These shootings have shown, as did Columbine, that even an active police presence cannot hope to protect a helpless citizenry. Being armed would not have saved even one of these victims, of course, but an armed eyewitness would not only have a greater chance of surviving to tell his tale, but perhaps even of ending the attacks altogether.

This is important because laws will never prevent weapons from reaching the hands of those who desire them. Remember that 50 years of murderous repression and total gun control did not prevent 200,000 illegal guns from showing up in China in a single month! The power of greed is such that Israeli Jews have been convicted for selling M-16s to Palestinian terrorists … and you don’t think a Saudi-financed team of Islamic jihadists couldn’t find the money to bribe a National Guardsman making $20,000 a year to look the other way when he’s guarding the local armory?

So while the D.C. police and the FBI run willy-nilly on their fruitless hunt for the sniper, the cretinous anti-gun crowd marches on an endless snipe hunt of their own. That which they pursue, the bird for which they hunt so energetically, is a thing that simply does not exist.

When wolves stalk the flock, best not to chain the dogs. And the flock is safer yet when the sheep grow fangs.