Mother rejoices in son’s suicide bombing

By WND Staff

The mother of a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed two Israeli soldiers says she prayed her son would be “killed in action, so he could be rewarded with the [72] virgins in heaven.”

Mahmud Alabad’s mother saying goodbye before his departure for suicide attack.

“The fact that my son killed Jews makes me happy,” said the mother of Mahmud Alabad in an interview on a Hamas website translated by Independent Media Review and Analysis.

Alabad, 23, was a member of Hamas’ Izz-a Din Al-Qassam Brigades terrorist faction who blew up himself and two Israelis in a Gaza Strip attack June 15.

“When I gave birth to Mahmud, I was so happy when I saw him,” his mother said, “and when I said goodbye to him when he was on his way to the next world, I was happy. May Allah be praised for the fate that granted this suicide attacker his life and his death.”

Alabad’s mother recalled the day when he was accepted by the Hamas brigade: “‘From now on,’ he said, ‘I am to be counted among the warriors.'”

The mother said her son informed her that the Hamas brigade wanted her approval for him to be a suicide bomber. She said she passed on a letter to the head of the terrorist faction, Salah Shehade, who said her son’s bombing operation “would be very successful, because his mother is pleased by his actions.”

Shehade was killed in the Israeli Defense Forces air attack on Gaza-based terrorist leaders in July.

“I agreed that [my son] become a suicide bomber to encourage other mothers,” Alabad’s mother said.

Happy Palestinian mother handing out sweets after word of her son’s death in suicide attack.

She continued: “The truth is that, in the beginning, I was surprised that my son would leave me and that I would see him no more. I steeled myself, however, and realized that my son’s martyrdom was an act of Allah, and it became for me as a source of pride.”

She was asked to appear in a farewell video, but initially refused, “for fear of how it would appear.”

Alabad’s commanders convinced her, however, that the video “would be considered a powerful encouragement for [other] women and youth and would strengthen the heart of our nation. On that basis, I agreed to be filmed to show our loyalty to Allah.”

She said that through the film she wanted to “convey the message that we are a people, that our land is occupied, that we have no choice but revolution against the conqueror, no choice but to kill the conqueror, to banish him from our land in any way possible by pressing the jihad, the suicide and the struggle – and by the fortitude of the mothers.”

“I prayed that my son be killed in action, so he could be rewarded with the [72] virgins in heaven,” she said.

Tomorrow we ‘pay the dowry’

“Prior to the attack in which he was killed, Mahmud went on two other missions, before which I had to bid him farewell,” his mother said.

She recalled:

“The first time he left immediately after we were filmed on video. He told me: ‘The most important thing is to please you.’ He hurried and left, and I waited anxiously to hear of his death. I wished him success and that Allah might speed him along in his attack against his enemies. The following evening, while I was kneeling on my prayer rug, Mahmud entered, and I asked him what happened. He answered: ‘I went to the place and I saw the bride and her family; tomorrow we go there to pay the dowry.’ [Bride is the Hamas code word for terror attack, based on the belief that a man who dies in the course of jihad ascends to heaven and marries 72 virgins.]

“I asked him what happened. He answered: ‘I could not find any Jews.’ Then a second time I said goodbye to him, and he said: ‘I am going, and I will not return.’ I cried and tears flowed down my cheeks, and when Mahmud saw me [like this] he did not answer but turned his head [and ran out]. I waited until midnight, and then he came back. I asked that from now we not say goodbye but that he go at his first opportunity. And that is what happened.”

“From the first time that I said goodbye,” the mother said, “I asked him not to be afraid [of fighting] against the Jews, as they are cowards, that he prepare his weapons well before embarking, that he kill [as many] as he can and leave none alive.”

Alabad’s mother said when her son “left for his operation, his face was radiant as if he were meeting the girls of heaven right then and there. I wished him luck and that he enter heaven and marry the girls as soon as possible.”

“I was happy when they told me that my son had died,” she said.

She recalled that in the middle of the night, two masked men knocked on her door.

“As soon as I opened the door they said: ‘Allah has richly rewarded you,'” she said. “Instantly, I knew that Mahmud had been granted the death he wanted. I told my husband that Mahmud had been slain in the glorious attack. I also informed Mahmud’s brother and felt happiness mixed with sorrow. I informed his sisters that I had known in advance of his attack and that I was even filmed in a video beforehand. They were astonished at first, but they quickly accepted my actions.”

Hamas leader Shehade’s decision to personally choose her son for the mission was “the single most influential thing in my son’s life,” she said. “The fact that my son killed Jews makes me happy.”

“I was very happy when I heard that [Mahmud] killed Jews in the attack,” she said. “When a warrior of jihad follows Allah’s path to kill Jews, [it is the act of jihad] that gives him strength. Even if he does not kill any Jews, it is an honorable act, because he dies the death of a martyr.”

“We Muslims have the strongest maternal instinct,” she said. “We have a deep love for our sons. We always remember our deceased sons and feel their absence. However, this love weakens when compared to our conquered homeland. We want heaven and endeavor to please Allah. Allah has commanded us to fight the jihad in Allah’s way – with our possessions and our souls. We answer Allah’s call, and this gives us pride.”

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