‘Center of the Storm’

By Joseph Farah

Who can ever forget the 2000 presidential election?

It will go down in American history as the wildest, wooliest political controversy ever.

And at the center of that controversy was a woman most of us had never heard of before – Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

Though she conducted herself with the utmost of dignity and honor, though she followed the letter and spirit of the law, though she did exactly the right thing at the right time, she was vilified. She was pilloried. She was ridiculed. She was taunted. She was caricatured.

The media and the Democratic Party had a field day venting their frustrations over George W. Bush’s election victory on Katherine Harris.

But now it’s Katherine Harris who is having the last laugh.

Not only is she about two weeks away from being elected to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, she is also author of a new book, “Center of the Storm,” in which she finally gets to have her say on the 2000 presidential election.

Though I didn’t vote for George W. Bush, though I didn’t endorse his candidacy and though I didn’t know Katherine Harris until quite recently, I am very proud of my role – and my company’s role – in the publishing of this historic book.

“Center of the Storm” is the very first book published by WND Books – a brand-new publishing imprint, a partnership between WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers that plans to release a new book just about every month beginning in December.

Why is this such a big deal?

In 1997, when my wife, Elizabeth, and I launched WorldNetDaily as the first independent newssite on the Internet, few had any idea of what its future impact might be – including us. But now, less than six years later, nearly 3 million people use WorldNetDaily as a primary source of news. Why? Because of its fiercely independent approach to the news. Because we do the job the media are supposed to do – rooting out fraud, waste, abuse and corruption without compromise and without playing favorites. Because WorldNetDaily is revising the government-watchdog role of the free press in America today.

WND Books allows us to take this fiercely independent approach into a new medium – the all-important medium of book publishing.

As an author of several books, I can tell you many book ideas are squelched in America today because of a culture of political correctness that pervades the industry. I have had more than one publisher turn down book proposals with rejections like this: “I know this book will sell, but I disagree with your premise and I think your ideas are dangerous.”

The advent of WND Books ensures that there will be at least one publishing outlet that won’t be afraid of ideas any more. The advent of WND Books ensures that new voices and new ideas will get a public airing. The advent of WND Books expands the vision that led to WorldNetDaily.

I’m betting that people will respond to WND Books the way they responded to WorldNetDaily – enthusiastically, lovingly, thankfully.

But there’s only one way to demonstrate that. There’s only one way to affirm that vision. There’s only one way to make this work.

People have to buy the books – starting with Katherine Harris’ courageous “Center of the Storm.”

Isn’t this the perfect gift this holiday season? Isn’t this the kind of gift that tells people where you stand? Isn’t this the kind of gift that provokes thought and discussion with friends and family members? Isn’t this the perfect kind of gift to give yourself?

And here’s the best part: You can get a first edition of this historic book, signed by the author and personalized to your specifications only at WorldNetDaily. You can also buy it here cheaper than anywhere else – even though you can find it in every major bookstore and on Amazon.com.

So what are you waiting for?

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