Selected WND stories
on terrorist attacks on U.S.

By WND Staff

Freeh to testify in 9-11 probe
Clinton FBI director accused of focusing
on ‘right-wing extremists’


Airline denied Atta
paradise wedding suit

At last minute, American turned away
luggage containing cologne, gold Koran


Saudi press reacts to 9-11 lawsuits
Paper says U.S. should be sued for ‘killing millions’

Has FBI promoted
9-11 ball-dropper?

Supervisor who blocked hijacker probe
gets job with more responsibility


Agent: FBI could have prevented 9-11
Whistleblower claims upper management
stymied terror investigations


Author: U.S. military behind 9-11
Arab League think tank hosts man
who blames Pentagon


9-11 beginning of long-term plot?
Group analyzes attacks, says CIA
needs ‘truckload of pink slips’


9-11 families to sue Saudis
Group’s lawyers retain gumshoe to probe
royal ties to terrorists


Screening system
ignored nationality

FAA security official slams politically correct profiling used on 9-11

FAA answers whistleblowers’ charges
Official says big plans were in works
to improve airport security before 9-11


FAA official claims
gun memo not draft

Managers checked 9-11 report for accuracy and ‘nobody disputed’ Flight 11 shooting

Friends think Flight 11 Israeli was ‘executed’
Daniel Lewin, named in FAA shooting memo, was officer in elite unit of Jewish state’s military

FAA covering up 9-11 gun, whistleblower agent says
Claims feds, American Airlines fear lawsuits; Flight 11 victims’ families want Hill probe

Hijacker shot passenger
on Flight 11: FAA memo

‘One bullet fired,’ killing 9B occupant, but agency claims report was in error

Al-Qaida claims responsibility for 9-11
‘Proud that it destroyed the pillars
of U.S. strategic defense’


Bin Laden lieutenant
admits to 9-11

Islamist glories in al-Qaida destroying U.S.
‘strategic defense’


Did ally Pakistan play
role in 9-11?

Indian intelligence finds more links
to terrorist attacks in U.S., Delhi


Dial 9-11 for free abortion
Planned Parenthood made special offer to terrorized NYC women

Prominent Arabs blame
9-11 on Jews

Middle East media filled with talk of ‘Zionist conspiracy’

ACLU helps non-citizens targeted in 9-11 probe
Criticizes Justice Department’s ‘dragnet approach’ to identifying terrorists

Littlest victims largely overlooked
Untold story of the children slain by Sept. 11 terrorists

Feds check foreigners at security-training class
Yemenites among those enrolled
in Clinton-era Energy program


Islamist terror still promoted
on Web

U.S. called enemy by supporters of Osama bin Laden

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