America educates its enemies

By Hal Lindsey

A recent study conducted by Georgia State University uncovered evidence that students from Iraq, and other Middle East nations listed as sponsors of terrorism, received training in American universities that enables them to develop weapons of mass destruction.

At the very time the United States is seeking to dismantle Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons labs, it turns out that many of the scientists who work in them received degrees from American universities that enabled them to do so.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, “GSU research shows 1,215 people from countries listed by the U.S. State Department as sponsors of terrorism – Iraq, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria – received science and engineering doctorates in the United States in the 1990s. That number includes 147 doctorates in subjects related to weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear and organic chemistry and biotechnology research.”

A few of these foreign students used their degrees for peaceful purposes. But many who earned Ph.D.s in this country returned home to spearhead the Muslim pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

A prime example is Iraqi nuclear physicist, Khidhir Hamza. He was the key figure in creating Saddam Hussein’s atomic-weapons industry.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hamza earned a master’s degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate at Florida State University. After a short teaching career in the U.S., Saddam ordered Hamza home in 1970 to build a nuclear weapon.

Hamza testified after his defection to the West in 1994 that most of his colleagues were trained in America. He testified that all of the best Iraqi scientists were trained in the U.S.

Other scientists who are involved in creating weapons of mass destruction in terrorist countries were trained in Britain, France and Germany, the report found.

A frightening case of this is an Iraqi woman scientist dubbed “Dr. Germ” by the international press. She heads the Iraqi biological-weapons program. She studied biology and plant poisons in Britain.

Paula Stephan, an economics professor at Georgia State University, along with a colleague, Grant Black, conducted this valuable investigation. They found that just in the last budget year, 502 of 234,036 student visas went to people from countries listed as sponsors of terrorism.

Needless to say, studies like this have disturbed the White House. They ordered much greater scrutiny of students from countries listed as terrorist sponsors. Administration officials outlined plans last week for a special panel. This interagency Panel on Advanced Science and Security will evaluate a student’s background, education and training, country of origin and area of study.

Their job is to give special scrutiny to visa applications of foreign students who seek education in fields that can be used in developing weapons of mass destruction.

Harvard professor George Borjas declares the new policy a farce because its members can only give part time to a task, which if done properly, would take full time. Borjas warned, “I think one should be very, very worried.”

Professor Stephan’s study revealed the number of Ph.D.s earned by people from Arabic and Muslim countries on the State Department’s list of special concern since the. Sept. 11 attacks. Her study found that 10,234 people from those countries received science and engineering doctorates in 1981-1999. Citizens of Egypt, Iran and Pakistan got the most, according to the Atlanta newspaper.

Another very sobering fact came from this study. The percentage of American students seeking degrees in engineering decreased in the period from 1981 to 1999. By contrast, foreign nationals earned 39 percent of all engineering doctorates received from U.S. universities in 1999 – 60 percent of these were from China, Taiwan, India and South Korea.

It is my opinion that no one from countries who sponsor terrorism should be admitted to our universities under any circumstances. And we should give much more scrutiny to applicants who are from other countries who are potential threats to the United States. Otherwise, we will find ourselves “training hangmen in the art of how to hangs us” – if we haven’t done so already.