Support a courageous filmmaker

By Joseph Farah

Pierre Rehov doesn’t have to make documentaries to earn a living.

He lives a comfortable life in Paris. He’s made wise investments. He has a successful business. He is even able to maintain an apartment in Israel – his second home.

Nevertheless, Rehov continues to make documentaries about the shocking reality he uncovers in the Middle East because no one else will.

He puts his life on the line when he does. On his most recent trip to the Mideast, he was arrested and questioned by Yasser Arafat’s paramilitary police force. Talking his way out of custody failed. So he had to resort to bribery.

He’s very fortunate to be alive.

You might know him for his work sold at WorldNetDaily’s online store for the last two years – “Israel and the War of Images” and “The Trojan Horse” are both sold exclusively in the WorldNetDaily store. In France, tens of thousands of videos have been distributed. In America, Rehov’s work has been the subject of television news shows and countless radio talk-show programs.

It’s not surprising to anyone that Rehov, a French Jew of Algerian heritage, should make documentary films that expose the terrorist horrors through which Israel lives on a daily basis.

But what some might find surprising is that his latest work, “Holy Land: Christians in Peril,” focuses on the plight and persecution of non-Jews in the Middle East – a subject rarely explored by filmmakers or journalists of any kind.

In his new work, available exclusively in the WorldNetDaily online store, Rehov tries to answer the following question: Why is it that 50 years ago 15 percent of the Arab population in the Mideast were Christians, while today that number totals just 2 percent?

In the last 20 years alone, some 2 million Christians have fled the Mideast. Why? What has created this flight – this panic?

“This Christian exodus is a result of many factors, including the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, the related decline of the economy, but perhaps most significantly, the religious persecution these Christians encounter from their Muslim neighbors,” he concluded.

In other words, the Global Jihad is truly global. It’s not a war just being waged in the West, or against Israel, or in Indonesia, or in Africa. It is still very much being waged within the very belly of the Islamic world. It is a war not only for total control, but for total elimination of “infidels.” Islamism has a zero-tolerance policy toward Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims – and the Middle East provides the perfect illustration for us.

The film includes interviews with Christian survivors who only feel comfortable telling their heart-breaking stories anonymously. They tell stories of rape. They tell stories of murder. They tell stories of businesses and lives destroyed.

What’s left of the Christian community – particularly in Yasser Arafat’s territory – is being strangled. It is being suffocated. It is being tortured to death. It is being humiliated and relegated to third-class citizenship in a place that doesn’t even recognize the inalienable human rights of Muslims.

The film also explores in great depth the armed takeover and occupation of the Church of the Nativity by forces under the command of Yasser Arafat. This is a story that has never really been adequately told anywhere else – despite the live television coverage of the siege when it was under way.

If you want to know what life is like for non-Muslims under Muslim rule, you must see this film. This is a film which should be shown in churches across America. This is a film that has the power to wake up the slumbering Christian community oblivious to the suffering and oppression of their brothers and sisters around the world – the real martyrs of their faith.

Pierre Rehov doesn’t have to make disturbing films like this. And you don’t have to buy them and watch them. But hiding from the truth never made the world a better place.

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