Daniel Flynn’s new book, “Why the Left Hates America” is a surprisingly “up” book, a blockbuster that should be required reading in every multi-cultural and tolerance class from junior high to doctorate degree.

Unfortunately, decades of “Republican cleansing” has reduced conservative professors to less than 1 percent of many secular faculties.

This means that Flynn’s enlightening sociopolitical study will remain hidden from the millions of students eagerly being trained in geopolitics, philosophy, history, psychology, social work, anthropology, education, religion, medicine, sociology, criminology, communication, medicine journalism, “sexuality” and such.

Knowledge is power, said Plato, while Honest Abe cautioned that those who control the classroom control society.

Like a first-rate detective novel, Flynn’s fast-paced, 194-page book piles up hard evidence documenting control of classroom knowledge as breeding an elite group of liberal Brahmins who loath America.

Without ignoring the ignoble actions of some of our past and present national leadership, Flynn lays out a nuanced, long-term study of American honor versus leftist ignorance.

I’ll touch on the results of historical ignorance. Flynn notes, those “entrusted with passing on our culture, traditions, and history frequently exhibit an extreme contempt for our culture, traditions, and history.”

Nearly four decades of leftist pedagogy has educated despotic, appetitive and spoiled elites who irrationally condemn American incivility while idealistically ignoring barbaric Third World cruelties. These include clitoridectomy, slavery, bride pricing, trial by torture, infanticide, forced abortion, government lynching, racism and general lawlessness, all sanitized as “multicultural” appreciation.

Leftist “Hate America” jingoism has so mutated that socialist Michael Walzer asked, “Can There Be a Decent Left?” In his publication, Dissent, Walzer bemoaned the left’s “barely concealed glee that the imperial state had finally gotten what it deserved,” as they rejected “any hint of patriotic feeling.”

Flynn’s publication, Accuracy in Academia, is a monthly watchdog newsletter that keeps tabs on pedagogical atrocities. In this book he provides a laundry list of gleeful anti-American statements by said “elites” following the cowardly murders of thousands of noncombatants by the Sept. 11 terrorists.

University of Massachusetts-Amherst journalism professor Bill Israel claims Sept. 11 was “the predicable result of American policy.” In his lecture to Yale students, historian Chalmer Johnson excused the carnage of innocent citizens saying the terrorists “rightly identify us as … trying to keep them down.”

Proving that mastery of chess does not reflect wisdom or knowledge, Flynn quotes Bobby Fischer’s conclusion, “It is time to finish off the U.S. once and for all. …”

Berkeley professor Peter Dale Scott opined that the terrorists weren’t cowards since they died for their beliefs. University of New Mexico professor Richard Berthold informed his young students that blowing up the Pentagon earns “my vote.”

While Muslim fanatics planned attacks against Tinsel Town for its worldwide immoral indoctrination, duplicitous entertainers such as Danny Grover, Robert Altman, Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon waxed virtuous.

In a classic example of hypocrisy, Sarandon’s fame was based on her exploitation of a 12-year-old child in the gateway “soft” child pornography film, “Pretty Baby,” where Sarandon plays Brooke Shields’ sexy prostitute mama. The French producer, Malle, makes the arguably nude Shields laugh about her rape by mama’s old customer. Sarandon applauds the caper – after all, he paid good money for the child’s virginity at auction.

Now a righteous moralist, Saint Susan intones, “The United States is a land that has raped every area of the world.” In fact, Sarandon’s sex films like “Pretty Baby” – routinely screened in “every area of the world” – are a tad more likely to be causing copy cat child rapes than are U.S. military policies.

True, we have a lot to correct within and without our borders – much of which is due to the mass entertainment that normalizes sexual and non-sexual brutality.

However, Flynn’s book provides excellent evidence for rejecting leftist magic potions in favor of the proven Judeo-Christian traditions that created “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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