Surprise! A Muslim is arrested

By Joseph Farah

How do I put this delicately?

Am I surprised that a Muslim was arrested for questioning in the D.C. sniper case? No.

In fact, hours before the arrest of John Muhammad, I told WorldNetDaily editors that I believed authorities were only withholding the name of the wanted man “because it must be Muhammad.” I even got the name right.

For three weeks, the government, the police, the FBI and most of the media have ignored the strong likelihood of a connection between the assassinations in Maryland, Virginia and Washington and Islamic terrorism.

In fact, I know of only one news agency that has vigorously pursued this angle from the beginning – WorldNetDaily.

Is it because we are so smart and the others are so stupid?

I don’t think so.

It is simply that WorldNetDaily, unlike many of our colleagues in the media, are not afraid of the truth. We don’t hide from it. We don’t pretend the truth is a lie and vice versa. We don’t allow political correctness to overcome common sense.

And that’s all it really took to see a link between this heinous string of killings and Islamic terrorism – common sense.

Remember when the Egyptian Muslim shot up the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport on July 4? It took the FBI months to conclude the obvious – that the motivation behind the attack was the same motivation behind Sept. 11. Initially, the U.S. government pretended the facts led elsewhere – defying common sense.

I have no doubts in the sniper case that government investigators hoped they would find a non-Muslim responsible. I have no doubts they would have preferred to pin the crimes on “Christian, right-wing militiamen.” I have no doubts that they may even have overlooked some evidence because of their prejudices, their biases, their pre-conceived ideas.

We have seen this phenomenon before. We saw it in Oklahoma City. Evidence suggesting a conspiracy broader than Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols was ignored. Evidence suggesting a Middle East connection was deep-sixed. Evidence suggesting anything but a “Christian, right-wing militiamen” explanation was overlooked – intentionally and deliberately. That’s not justice.

We saw it again in the TWA Flight 800 shootdown. Yes, I said shootdown. It was not a spontaneous explosion of the center fuel tank that brought down the airliner. It was a missile. Who fired it remains a mystery – because government investigators chose to pretend that hundreds of witnesses didn’t really see what they said they saw. They chose to overlook the forensic evidence that pointed to a missile. They chose to ignore any evidence that suggested anything except a spontaneous center fuel tank explosion. That’s not justice.

We saw it yet again several years ago when the FBI launched its infamous Project Megiddo – a politically directed witchhunt against “Christian, right-wing militiamen” whom the agency described as America’s gravest threat. The FBI chose to profile a group with little track record in violence and ignore another group that was, even then, planning the most spectacular terrorist operation in the history of the world.

How did we miss it?

We were looking in all the wrong places.

We’re very fortunate we were able to arrest John Muhammad and his young accomplice. Because, once again, we were looking in all the wrong places.

Even after the arrest of a Muslim convert in the deadly crime spree, I was astonished at how long it took the news media to note that fact – to question what it meant, to admit that they were all wrong in their presuppositions about this case.

I’m still waiting for any of them to acknowledge that one news agency got it right.