WND’s best stuff on ‘Homeland Security’

By WND Staff

With Islamic terror, and rumors of more to come, again manifesting on American soil, WorldNetDaily is offering for a limited time – and at a dramatically reduced price — its highly acclaimed “Homeland Security” package dedicated to keeping America – and Americans – both safe and free.

The package consists of three special Whistleblower editions:

Whistleblower is WorldNetDaily’s highly popular monthly print magazine. Each issue consists of an in-depth expose of a single important issue – from the income tax to the Federal Reserve, from “gay rights” to terrorism. Many of these reports – including the November 2001 report on Islamic terrorism, included in the “Homeland Security” package – have received high praise as the best journalistic reports available on the subjects.

With a resurgence of interest in homeland and personal defense, WND is bringing this exceptional resource forward now. And, to make it available to as many people as possible, we are offering these three special issues for a total of only $10.00 including shipping. (Single Whistleblower issues sell for $7.50, making the “Homeland Security” package a $22.50 value, although WND normally sells the package at the reduced rate of $15.00.) This special, limited-time price of only $10.00 will come to an end soon, so take advantage of the opportunity now.

“I can’t tell you how important the information contained in these Whistleblower reports is,” said WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah. “It’s just vital to all Americans. That’s why we’ve lowered the price as far as we possibly can. We just really need to get this information out to as many people as possible.”

Get WND’s acclaimed “Homeland Security” package NOW for only $10.00! Offer ends soon.