Qatar exercise on schedule

By WND Staff

Contrary to reports in the press, U.S. military exercises in Qatar have not been delayed nor downsized and there is no slowdown in preparations for an Iraqi invasion, say WorldNetDaily military sources.

“It’s full steam ahead,” said one reliable source.

Reports yesterday in some news sources claimed a major exercise in Qatar was postponed because of an intelligence alert warning of plans to attack Western naval ships in the Persian Gulf.

The exercise will test the mobility of Central Command headquarters deployed in the Persian Gulf. At least 600 members of Central Command, based in Tampa, Fla., are scheduled to be sent for the November maneuvers.

The “Internal Look” exercise will take place at Al Udeid air force base near Doha. Qatari officials said the base contains 4,000 troops and about 40 U.S. fighter-jets and refueling planes.

Some deployments have been delayed for two weeks. But no delays in the overall battle plans are expected, said WorldNetDaily sources.