Silencing dissent on ‘gay’ agenda

By Kyle Williams

If a homosexual were fired for his stance on homosexuality or sexual “preference,” the company fiasco would turn into a national fiasco playing out over the airwaves across the nation. The ACLU would get one of its best celebrity attorneys on it, the Human Rights Watch would demand more protection legislation, and the NEA would announce new brainwashing policies.

When conservatives with traditional values are fired from a company for their beliefs, the media coverage is dismal, to say the least. If you don’t sell your soul to the left-wing agenda of humanism and the ideas of immorality, you’re nothing but an intolerant whacko.

Having said that, have you heard of a man named Rolf Szabo? If you’re not a regular reader of the new and alternative media, probably not. It was reported by on Thursday that Szabo was fired by Kodak for not embracing the policy of accepting homosexuals and their practices in the workplace.

Yet, the company champions the values of “diversity”! So, logically, they go to terminate anyone with an alternative belief. This situation is laughable on the part of Kodak. After Rolf Szabo sent out a letter of objection, the manager of Eastman Kodak, Randy Bakel, sent out a memo saying, “While I understand that we are all free to have our own personal beliefs, when we come to the Kodak workplace, our behaviors must align with the Kodak Values.”

What values might those be? The values of John Dewey and the Humanist Manifestos, no doubt. The fact is, these types of people demand tolerance and acceptance, but show
intolerance and attempt to silence anyone with an alternative viewpoint.

This agenda to legitimize homosexuality in mainstream America is not just rampant in huge liberal corporations, but increasingly in public schools, too. This invasion into American culture is nothing short of an indoctrination of beliefs upon a once traditional nation.

In order to silence the other side of the spectrum, Kodak obviously made Mr. Szabo an example. Knowing that giving any dissent in Kodak, termination will follow; that tends to be a very effective silencer.

Mr. Bakel went on to say in the memo, “As you all know, our strategic thrust to build a Winning & Inclusive Culture drives us to behave in ways that value everyone regardless of differences.”

Have you ever noticed that Judeo-Christian, traditional, and conservative viewpoints and people never seem to be included in the “all-inclusive” groups or “diversity” groups, mainly among universities and corporations?

This, of course, is not new. Such groups have been actively opposing, protesting, and attempting to silence dissent for some time. Does Dr. Laura Schlessinger ring a bell? She was venomously boycotted by corporations, advertisers, special interest groups, and others when she launched her television program on UPN. She also had death threats upon her and her family. The end result was the termination of the show.

A termination. Death threats. End of show. Does this sound like striving for diversity to you? I think not. However, perception is reality, and the humanist left-wing groups are ingenious in their attacks on traditional organizations and people. They paint a picture for one to perceive. That picture communicates an agenda of name-calling and silencing.

Their friends in the media also play a key role in carrying out the plan. The news media are extremely biased in favor of the homosexual community.

This approach to debate is nothing but a close to debate. A stab at freedom of thought, opinion, and expression. And a relentless campaign to create a version of George Orwell’s “Thought Police.”

Yes, Kodak, Human Rights Watch, National Organization for Women, American Civil Liberties Union, National Education Association, et al., you can silence Mr. Rolf Szabo, Dr. Laura, and others, but you will never silence the belief of traditional and American values.


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