Editor’s note: Due to graphic sexual content, some readers may find portions of this column objectionable.

The New York Post recently reported that Indiana University officials were upset to find “a porn flick was shot in one of the dorms.” IU Chancellor Sharon Brehm protested, “The group clearly was there without the university’s knowledge or permission.”

The California-based porn filmmakers weren’t arrested for using the IU facilities for their creative efforts. However, these sexual cinematographers had logically returned to the hallowed halls of Indiana University as the historic fount of their industry – indeed of the child-pornography industry.

Strolling down the bucolic paths of the IU campus one winds ones way around to the infamous Kinsey Institute, which continues to promote academicized pornography. Kinsey wrote “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” (1948) here, the book that launched the sex science frauds that, in turn, launched the liberal sex laws that, in turn, launched the catastrophic sexual revolution.

Kinsey installed sound-proofed rooms to stifle the screams and shrieks of his sexual sadists and masochists filmed in real time. Drunk and hyped, they sexually brutalized one another while Dr. Kinsey, his team and the Mrs. sat and watched it all – filmed in glorious black and white.

And the Kinsey gang joined in. Not surprisingly the father of sex education, sexology and the current sexual culture was an impotent bi/homosexual sadomasochist. In his book, “Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life,” James Jones an approving Kinsey biographer says he saw a porno flick starring Kinsey and the Mrs.:

    I saw some of the films … when I took Paul Gebhard’s class on human sexual behavior … [After Reisman’s] charges were made that Kinsey was a pedophile I was asked by the director of the Kinsey Institute at that time, to investigate those charges and report back to her. … I did see films of Kinsey m[***]. I saw films of Mrs. Kinsey m[***]. If memory serves, I saw some films of staff having sex.

Ah, the cerebral atmosphere of academe.

Interviewed for Britain’s Yorkshire Television 1998 documentary, “Kinsey’s Paedophiles,” Jones reported that:

    [For] Kinsey, life in the closet came complete with a wife, children, a public image … that again he preserved at all costs. Kinsey’s reputation still in large measure rests upon an image of him that he cultivated during his lifetime… the official mystique.

Jones confirmed Kinsey’s sadomasochistic activities, self-evident in his charge that infants and children who fainted and convulsed during his brutal, round-the-clock sex experiments performed by pederasts, “derive definite pleasure from the situation.”

Jones writes of the man the nation was told would enhance male-female relationships and teach us all about “child sexuality.”

    According to Gebhard, Kinsey was already having trouble with erectile impotence. … [For the sex films Kinsey] “had to go into the bathroom to work himself up.” … Mr. Y [one Kinsey partner] revealed … “he liked for me to beat him with a cat-o-nine tails … put ropes around his testicles.”

We learn more than we would like to know about the father of human sexuality:

    Kinsey enjoyed [both forms of sodomy] … particularly … as the active rather than the passive partner. Kinsey would “get a kind of long-suffering look on his face when he was having sex … some of the [other] sex partners and I used to kind of smile about it because he…looked almost grotesque.”

    [Kinsey] “put ropes around his testicles” [and would hang himself thus and fall unconscious to the floor of Wylie Hall. Once he] “climbed into a bathtub, unfolded the blade of his pocketknife, and circumcised himself without benefit of anesthesia.” … Dallenback confirmed that it happened. … “God, it must have been damn painful. It must have bled a hell of a lot.”

Clara Kinsey would allegedly bring “pudding or milk and cookies or something” and “change the sheets upon the workbench” where the happy folks were sexually violating one another. A model marriage, surely. Writes Jones,

No one felt the force of [Kinsey’s] unyielding demands more strongly than Clara [who] went along with the filming … as befitted the wife of the high priest of sexual liberation. Clara was filmed m[***], and she was also filmed having sex with Pomeroy. … [O]ne of the staff wives refused to have sex with Kinsey. … Complaining of “the sickening pressure” she was under to have sex on film with her spouse and other staff members, she told an interviewer, “I felt like my husband’s career at the Institute depended on it.”

All hail the sexual “freedom” bullies.

The Kinsey Institute continues to receive philanthropic monies, state monies and indirectly, federal monies. The “sickening pressure” noted by an anonymous staff wife is now commonly experienced by girls and wives nationwide via pornography promoted in “men’s” and ladies magazines, Internet, television, film, fashion, music, the general mass media and by school sex educators.

Logically, male impotence and all other sexual disorders are off the charts.

News flash: When the sexual conduct of a sexual psychopath is encoded into the laws and public policies of the larger society, universal sexual psychopathology follows in its wake. Pornography resides at IU with “the university’s knowledge [and] permission.”

See my website, drjudithreisman.org, and “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences,” for further information on sex and society.

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