Bin Laden alive, well,
directing al-Qaida ops

By WND Staff

Osama Bin Laden is alive, well, living in Pakistan and planning new terrorist attacks in the U.S., United Kingdom and Germany, according to WorldNetDaily intelligence sources.

Bin Laden’s top lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, is also in Pakistan. Both al-Qaida leaders bought their way out of Afghanistan during the U.S. siege of Tora Bora last year. Bin Laden reportedly paid $15 million to facilitate his escape.

At least one senior al-Qaida leader who fled to Pakistan with bin Laden has since returned to Afghanistan. Amin al-Haq, described as a very close associate of bin Laden, is reportedly back in Afghanistan now.

Al-Qaida forces reportedly are situated in small bases in Pakistan near the Afghan border, so as not to attract too much attention from the military. However, the terrorists have run harassing operations against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. U.S. forces are not permitted to follow al-Qaida forces back into Pakistan when they flee.

The reports about bin Laden being alive confirm others earlier this month that the Central Intelligence Agency changed its assessment on his fate following the release of a handwritten letter addressed to supporters of the al-Qaida leader. The CIA analyzed the letter and determined the handwriting and words were those of bin Laden.

Last week, CIA Director George Tenet told Congress that al-Qaida is now in a new “execution phase” of operations. The agency believes the devastating attack in Bali, for instance, was the work of the Southeast Asian group Jemaah Islamiah, closely linked to al-Qaida.

A recent spate of terrorist attacks, CIA officials believe, is leading to a much bigger strike against U.S. interests. Al-Qaida prisoners being interrogated repeatedly talk about another spectacular terrorist event.

“I don’t think we saw that event in Bali,” said Tenet.

U.S. sources say there is clear evidence that al-Qaida is re-establishing camps across the border from Afghanistan in Pakistan.

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