Should Nation Of Islam be investigated for terrorism?

By Les Kinsolving

When Randall Weaver of Ruby Ridge, Idaho, began attending meetings of the all-white Aryan Nation, he was not aware that this hate cult had been penetrated by a U.S. government undercover agent.

This agent, learning that Weaver was an anti-Semite who had a large collection of guns and ammunition, paid Weaver to produce for him some illegal guns.

After Weaver did so, he was arrested – but did not appear for trial. So, a small army of federal agents arrived at Ruby Ridge and, after extensive gun play, captured Weaver, whose wife was killed in the process.

The Aryan Nation which was being investigated for a bombing in Coeur d’Alene, eventually lost all its land after a lawsuit by a Jewish automobile operator who was fired upon.

This begs the question: When will such federal investigation and action be taken against an all-black, anti-Semitic hate-group called the Nation Of Islam?

One of the members of this murderous cult is John Allen Muhammad, who is charged with being one of the Beltway snipers.

During a news conference three days after Muhammad was caught, Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan acknowledged that Muhammad was a member. But, he added that if Muhammad is found guilty, he would be expelled. And while Muhammad might have been present at the Million Man March, he did not provide security.

Anyone who believes that might have also believed Farrakhan’s promise that all offerings taken at that march would be donated to needy causes in D.C. – a promise never kept.

The so-called “Million Man March” – attended by far less than the title – took place years after a White House presidential news conference where I asked President Reagan if his presidential crime commission was investigating Farrakhan’s broadcasting across state lines a threat on the life of Washington Post reporter (now editor) Milt Coleman. Coleman had reported the “Hymietown” slur by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. President Reagan replied that he could not comment until after the crime commission finished any such investigation – which apparently never took place.

Apparently neither was there any such investigation after Malcolm X’s widow, Betty, charged that Farrakhan was involved with her husband’s assassination.

The Associated Press in Seattle reports that acquaintances of Muhammad distinctly remember that he was a Million Man March security guard. Now Muhammad is charged with having conducted a reign of terror in the suburbs of our nation’s capital. So the question is in order: How long will the Nation Of Islam be allowed to get away with murder?

One top authority on the Middle East, Dr. Daniel Pipes, has just written an extensive record of the Nation Of Islam’s bitter hatred and violence from which I quoted at length in asking the two nominees for governor of Maryland (which had the majority of the sniper’s murder victims) the same question:

“Six citizens of Maryland, both black and white, have been murdered. The chief suspect, John Allen Muhammad, has for the last 17 years been a member of the Nation Of Islam, whose founder, Elijah Muhammad told his followers: ‘You are not American citizens.’

“His successor, Louis Farrakhan, said: ‘God will destroy America at the hands of Muslims’ and Jamil Al-Amin formerly H. Rap Brown, now in prison for cop killing, said: ‘When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.’

“At the Chicago headquarters of the Nation Of Islam on Thursday, they refused to comment, claiming that they don’t know John Allan Muhammad – even though he was appointed a security guard for Farrakhan’s so-called Million Man March.”

WND: Do you believe that the Nation Of Islam – with a long record of hateful anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and now the mass murder of Marylanders by one of Farrakhan’s security men – deserves a tax exemption? Or shouldn’t they be as heavily investigated as Idaho’s Aryan Nation of white extremists, after bombings in the Northwest?

Congressman Bob Ehrlich (Republican): All extremists, all threats to the national security – to our collective security – should be examined very thoroughly, obviously by all appropriate agencies. Particularly radical sects, as I said the other night, Les, on your show. Regardless of religion. Regardless of any particular “nation,” or any particular direction they come from, if they are threats to our national security, of course, they should be investigated.

Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Democrat): Well, if what you are alleging is that he was working for the Nation Of Islam, the killer, of course it will be investigated.

WND: Well, shouldn’t it be investigated in case he has, considering all these statements?

Lt. Gov. Townsend: I think if I look to the police and if they can make a good case, I would defer to the prosecutors and the FBI and the police.

In the Muhammad terrorism case, which began in Maryland, which of these two gubernatorial nominee’s answers do you think was the most decisive in opposing such terrorism in Maryland?