Author, TV host launches WND column

By WND Staff

Most WorldNetDaily columnists write stridently and passionately about political, social and cultural issues.

Cassandra Walker’s “Sharing” column is a little bit different from the usual fiery op-ed style.

Cassandra Walker

The popular St. Louis TV and radio personality writes about stories and personal life issues. She writes about things everyone experiences – careers, families, friendships, love and even death. Through humor and insight, “Sharing with Cassandra” aims to touch the heart with a real-life story.

Each column is related to a personal experience. Not since the passing of Erma Bombeck, has a columnist pulled off what Cassandra Walker attempts in “Sharing” – and she’ll be sharing with you exclusively in WorldNetDaily each Wednesday.

Walker is the author of two acclaimed, award-winning books for the teen-age audience: “Stories From My Life: Cassandra Walker Talks to Teens About Growing Up” and “Becoming Myself: True Stories About Learning From Life.” In 1999, she also wrote a fictional series, “The Girl Power Club.”

Walker is a television host and producer on City TV 10 in St. Louis and co-host of “Between Friends,” an hour-long radio talk show that addresses issues affecting women and families on KMOX 1120 AM.

Earlier this year she won the 2002 National Newspaper Award and the Missouri Press Association award for her work in the St. Louis American Newspaper. In 1997, she was honored as a “Black Woman of Distinction” in Kansas City.

Read Walker’s debut column for WND.