Is the Democratic Party racist?

By Joseph Farah

Is the Democratic Party racist?

  • In the race for governor of New York, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe decided black candidate Carl McCall was too far behind incumbent Republican Gov. George Pataki in the polls and, thus, would only get half of a previous commitment of $500,000 from the national party. New York, by the way, has 2 million more registered Democrats than Republicans.

  • In Minnesota, after the tragic plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone, the Democrats passed over an eager replacement candidate in 57-year-old Alan Page, a black associate justice of the state Supreme Court. Instead, the party courted 74-year-old Walter Mondale, retired from politics for 18 years.

  • In Ohio, the Democratic Party bought full-page ads in local newspapers promoting candidates – complete with photographs. But in Ohio’s rural, predominantly white 2nd District, black Democratic congressional candidate Charles Sanders, running against incumbent Rob Portman, was conspicuously absent from the ads.

No one will dare ask this question, so, once again, it falls to me: Is the Democratic Party racist?

The Democratic Party takes the black vote in America for granted because blacks keep handing it to them without much introspection, without much thought, without using the political clout they have. Democratic Party officials are well aware of the fact that they have the black vote in their hip pocket and, thus, do not need to court it any more.

In fact, so arrogant has the Democratic Party become under the leadership of McAuliffe and, in effect, Bill Clinton – sometimes referred to incredibly as “the first black president” – that it insults black candidates and treats their constituencies like political plantation hands.

The Democratic Party leadership believes – and with some apparent justification – that blacks will stick with it if the party just keeps exploiting them with diversity rhetoric, the promotion of affirmative-action programs, various forcible wealth-transfer schemes and class-warfare talk about “tax cuts for the rich.”

It’s really quite shameful. It’s really quite transparent. But with shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson receiving tribute from the party and its wealthy and powerful backers, the black populace continues to be deceived by these racist charlatans who pose as the friends of blacks, even while they have their charming liberal boot on the black man’s neck.

The Democrats have successfully maintained their power base on the backs of black people. Without them, the Democrats would go the way of the Whigs. But the Democrats don’t reward blacks in meaningful ways. They like to keep blacks in dependence. That’s their strategy. We’ll give you more goodies, they say, if you elect white boys with a “D” after their name.

But blacks are not going to get to the political promised land by taking handouts from arrogant white men – especially from the party that for so long apologized for slavery in the south. They’re not going to get there by allowing one party to assume all their votes. They’re not going to get there by investing all their political clout in one party without ever considering the return on that investment. And they’re especially not going to get there by working exclusively with people who consider them inferior.

That’s right. I said it. The Democrats’ condescending, paternalistic attitude toward blacks betrays their racism. They remind me of the old stereotypical plantation owner who allowed certain slaves to come in the house, while keeping others out in the field.

Blacks have been a party to their own victimization because of the Democrats’ monopoly grip on their votes. The Democrats have stood in the way of self-empowerment by blacks. They have stood in the schoolhouse door blocking better choices for education for blacks. They have persuaded too many blacks that they can’t make it on their own and can only get somewhere through the largesse of the Democrats.

As an observer of the Ohio 2nd District fiasco wrote to me: “It’s very obvious here that the ‘party of the black man’ doesn’t care about blacks or anyone else for that matter – only winning control of the people.”

Election Day is Tuesday.

Is it too late for a wakeup call?