Immoral authority

By Joseph Farah

The new anti-war movement is going to have to do better than Jesse Jackson as a spokesman if it has any chance of being taken seriously.

Did you hear what the make-believe reverend said last weekend while speaking to a few thousand protesters in Washington?

“If we launch a pre-emptive strike on Iraq, we lose all moral authority.”

That’s right. He said it. He actually said it:

  • The adulterer posing as a man of God.

  • The shakedown artist and con-man posing as a selfless leader of his people.

  • The co-opter of street gangs in Chicago posing as a law-abiding citizen.

  • The apologist and defender of brutal tyrants posing as a human rights advocate.

Moral authority? What would Jesse Jackson know about moral authority? He is an authority on one thing – immorality. No, maybe one more – hypocrisy.

Jackson is an opportunist waiting for an opportunity to happen.

Who is he kidding? He would love nothing more than for America to lose its moral authority. The man hates everything about America except for the way it showers him with attention – and undeserved wealth and adulation.

Now, let me say I have immense respect for the new anti-war movement – even if I disagree with it. I have opposed most recent military adventures in which the United States has participated. It just so happens we have no choice but to pursue Iraq – and the entire terrorist infrastructure it supports and shields.

This is not Serbia, folks. This is a country that deliberately attacked the U.S. in a big way. Iraq has sponsored al-Qaida for a decade – along with Iran and others. We have to take them on one at a time, and it’s Iraq’s turn.

If we don’t do it now it will soon be too late. Forget the U.N. resolutions. That’s not what this is about. It’s about terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons – if they don’t have them already. Do these people remember the World Trade Center? That was nothing compared with what a few nuclear devices will do. It’s now or never for Iraq.

Jesse Jackson and his friends would like us to forget about Sept. 11. They’d like us to forget about it for many reasons. People like Jesse Jackson haven’t been able to get nearly the attention they got before Sept. 11 – attention on gripes and concerns which now seem trivial by comparison.

Do you know why we don’t listen to Jackson any more? Because his issues are trivial. They are phony. They are not life-and-death issues like terrorism.

So, now he sees a chance to co-opt a life-and-death issue – the impending war. And, as usual, he’s on the wrong side of this issue, too.

Listen to him whine: “We must not be diverted. In two years we’ve lost 2 million jobs, unemployment is up, stock market down, poverty up. It’s time for a change. It’s time to vote on Nov. 5 for hope. We need a regime change in this country.”

What does Jesse Jackson care about jobs? He’s never had one in his life – unless you call “shakedown artist” a job description.

Just when it seemed like the world had caught on to this phony, up he pops again – like a bad penny. But, I guess it’s good news that the crowds he draws are smaller than ever. I guess it’s good news that the causes he supports are more unpopular than ever. I guess it’s good news that more people are wise to Jesse Jackson than ever before.

I just couldn’t let that remark about “moral authority” go without comment – and I wasn’t sure anyone else noticed. I know how difficult it is to actually listen to this man speak. I got physically sick at the sound of his voice.

If this is the best the new anti-war movement can do, there’s an excellent chance we’re going to win this war – both on the battlefield and here at home.