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By WND Staff, the world’s leading independent newssite, will provide comprehensive election coverage today, bringing you the latest results from all the crucial races around the nation.

“There won’t be any reason for Americans to look elsewhere for Election 2002 coverage,” says WorldNetDaily editor and CEO Joseph Farah.

Farah says the newssite plans to have the entire editorial team on-duty to bring readers the best coverage of the tightest races and ballot initiatives. You’ll want to click “refresh” or “reload” often to get the freshest page with the most recent results.

WorldNetDaily will be the only newssite bringing readers:

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While most political analysts say the House is likely to remain in control of Republicans – despite a trend in off-year elections for the party in power to lose seats – analysts are less confident in the outcome of the Senate, where a number of tight races will play out throughout the day and evening. Several close gubernatorial races also promise to go down to the wire.

On Wednesday morning, be sure to visit WND again to read the latest on all the post-election controversies and threats of lawsuits.