The snipers and terrorism

By Joseph Farah

I can’t believe it.

It’s been more than a week since self-proclaimed Muslims in sympathy with the Sept. 11 terrorists were captured in connection with the 10 sniper killings in the Washington, D.C.-area, yet newscasters and pundits are still saying the pair had no known association with al-Qaida or other terror networks.

In other words, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo have not confessed to following specific orders from known terrorist leaders in carrying out their deadly mission.

So what? What is the point?

Are we to take comfort from the fact that a man who served in the U.S. military, and lived his whole life in America, was turned into an active ally of the global jihad without a formal connection?

Actually, if that is the case, it seems like very bad news. It signals there could be many other potential snipers, bombers and terror allies in America – not only among the recruits found in foreign-funded mosques, but among seemingly ordinary disgruntled citizens.

If you have any doubts that Muhammad’s motivation was to terrorize Americans and support the goals of Osama bin Laden, just look at what one of his acquaintances had to say about him.

Muhammad often crashed at a Bellingham, Wash., mission run by the Rev. Al Archer. Archer was suspicious about Muhammad from the start because men staying at his mission normally do not receive phone calls from travel agents and fly off to the Cayman Islands and other locations. That’s what Muhammad did.

“At the mission, not many airline agents call and ask for residents,” Archer told the Washington Post. “I felt like he was part of an organization. I felt like he had some connection with terrorists. I said, ‘He’s got connections somewhere with somebody who’s got money.'”

Following Sept. 11, Archer’s suspicions about Muhammad were sufficiently raised to prompt him to call the FBI about his “guest” – something he had never done before or since.

Frankly, that assessment from an objective third party means more to me than the fact that the FBI may not yet have discovered any direct financial or other ties between Muhammad and a sponsoring terrorist group.

Muhammad told people around him that the Sept. 11 attacks were long overdue for America. He talked about blowing up oil tankers, killing police officers and then attacking the funeral for those victims and massacring the mourners.

Doesn’t that sound like terrorism to you?

He may not have received specific orders from specific Islamic terrorist leaders, but there is no question Muhammad got his inspiration from them.

Some have suggested that Muhammad wasn’t a “real” Muslim, so it is unfair to label him as such and draw any connection to the Islamist terrorists. They say Muslims don’t use Tarot cards. They point out the ransom demand as a motivation for the attacks. Ludicrous.

First, there are many in Islam who suggest bin Laden himself is a heretic – not a real Muslim. That doesn’t stop bin Laden from being a menace to us and it doesn’t change his motivations.

Second, we don’t know that the Tarot cards and ransom demand weren’t meant to decoy the authorities. I find it difficult to believe Muhammad really thought law enforcement authorities were going to pay a $10 million ransom. Had they done so, they would have been creating a new market for future snipers.

Why is it that we are so unwilling to accept the obvious? Muhammad is a foot soldier – recruited or not – in the anti-American, anti-West, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian global jihad. His attacks weren’t racially motivated. He killed blacks, whites and an Indian. We were told from the start he was an equal-opportunity killer.

Not quite true. Because Muhammad did not kill any Muslims.

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