Bill Clinton’s painful seizure

By Les Kinsolving

It was reported in the Sept. 16 edition of U.S. News & World Report, together with an unforgettable artist’s conception of the former president in eye-bulging pain.

But only WorldNetDaily, as well as late night TV personality Jay Leno followed up – on two successive nights. Leno had such comments as:

“For once Clinton was not pawing on women!”

The event took place in a closed-door Democrat fundraiser in Little Rock in August.

Secret Service agents were reportedly in the back of the room, when a strikingly pretty – and very intoxicated – woman, attending with a major donor, went into action.

On Oct. 25 in Cambridge, Md., I asked both the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor of Maryland the same question:

“The Washington Post reported this morning that ‘some Democrats are running from Clinton. In his home state of Arkansas, Senate nominee Mark Pryor skipped an August rally, featuring the state’s former governor. And a Pryor spokesman said: ‘Pryor isn’t from the Bill Clinton school of politics.’

“What’s your reaction to that – and do you know what happened at that meeting?”

Neither Democrat Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, nor her Republican rival for governor Congressman Bob Ehrlich, knew what happened at that meeting in Little Rock.

So I asked them both about what U.S. News & World Report reported:

“The Sept. 16 edition of U.S. News & World Report – of which I have a copy if you’d like to inspect it – reported that during a Democrat meet-and-greet in August in Little Rock, observers saw – and this is a quote:

‘A woman stepped from the receiving line and grabbed Clinton’s private parts. They say Clinton was shocked but went through with the picture-taking.’

“Should President Bush be asked to direct the Secret Service to be more vigilant, so this will not happen when Mr. Clinton comes to Coppin State and the [Baltimore] Inner Harbor this afternoon?”

Lt. Gov. Townsend: Les, you have such a lovely smile! And you have a twinkle in your eye! And you know what? I think you should tell all your listeners that you are in Dorchester County, Md., at this extraordinary new hotel!

WND: You’d like not to comment?

Lt. Gov. Townsend: I think it’s ridiculous.

WND: But they reported it – U.S. News & World Report!

Lt. Gov. Townsend Do you think that I think that everything reported is worthy of print? No. But I can tell you what is worthy – this amazing new resort …”

When I asked this same question of Republican Congressman Ehrlich, he responded:

“I think that’s a tongue-in-cheek question – a famous Kinsolving question! And I believe that the former President Clinton should be protected. But he should have the say with regard to that type of an issue. And I will not answer that question in any greater detail. And I hope your microphone picks up my laughter.”