Taking America Back?

By Joseph Farah

Let’s just imagine, for a moment, that Republicans won every single House seat last night.

Let’s go a step further and pretend the GOP also took every Senate seat that was up for grabs.

I suspect there are many WorldNetDaily readers who believe this would be a development rivaled in significance perhaps only by the Second Coming.

No doubt it would mean an improvement in the federal government. I wouldn’t argue that point. It would probably mean tax cuts. And tax cuts are good. It might even mean some downsizing of government in general. And downsizing government is always good.

But would it herald a return to constitutional government?

I don’t think so.

Too many Republicans don’t honor the Constitution any more than their Democrat counterparts. They don’t understand the federal government is strictly limited by the Constitution in its powers. They don’t understand that most lawmaking authority was reserved by our wise founders for the states. They don’t understand that the great American experiment in politics was its commitment to self-government – meaning a commitment to individual liberty and responsibility.

Of course, the Republicans didn’t win all the marbles last night – though they did perform way beyond the historic expectations of parties holding the presidency in midterm elections.

While I am not a registered Republican, there is no question that the philosophy of the Republican Party is better than the Democratic Party. The problem is that too many Republicans – perhaps even most – simply don’t live up to Republican ideals. More importantly, they don’t honor and respect the U.S. Constitution, which is even more important than the Republican platform.

Remember the 1994 “Contract With America”? Republicans need to understand we already have a contract with America – the Constitution.

For those hoping for a revolution at the ballot box – one that would return America to a moral and constitutional foundation of self-government in which the rule of law and godly worldview reign supreme – last night’s midterm election results leave something to be desired.

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade. I mean, I’m happy that the Democratic Party – with its commitment to socialism and the force of government – didn’t do that well.

But this was no revolution.

The truth is that this battle to expand freedom cannot be achieved at the ballot box alone. This battle to restore America’s commitment to self-government will not happen as a result of political campaigns alone. The battle to return America to its revolutionary founding principles will not happen because of the election of Republicans, Libertarians or any other politicians.

The country is not ready for that second American revolution. Not yet. It needs one. But the people don’t know it.

America is in desperate need of a spiritual awakening – the kind of revival that preceded the War of Independence in the 18th century. Spiritual awakening leads to moral renewal, and moral renewal leads to self-government, limited government, freedom.

You can’t have the latter without the former.

That’s why you can’t count on ballot-box revolutions. America is not a country currently capable of true self-government. It’s become a nation of people looking for handouts. It’s become a nation of people coveting their neighbor’s property. It’s become a nation governed more by coercion than by conscience.

Real progress never comes easily. It involves sacrifice. It involves pain.

In January, my new book, “Taking America Back,” will be released first to WorldNetDaily readers and, 30 days later, in bookstores nationally.

I wrote this book as a kind of literary primal scream to my fellow Americans who, collectively, seem to have lost their way, lost their moorings, lost their moral bearings.

“Taking America Back” is not just a laundry list of ills plaguing our great country. It is a recipe book for expanding freedom, recapturing lost ideals, resetting priorities and re-establishing our national identity.

Politics has its place, of course. But there’s a lot more work that needs to be done.

I hope and pray that Americans reacquire their taste for freedom. I hope and pray they reacquire the tools they need to appreciate it and practice it. I hope and pray Americans reacquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to understand from where their rights descend.

Once we do that we’ll be ready to start Taking America Back.