Say goodbye to ‘No Spin Zone’

By WND Staff

Bill O’Reilly is taking his weekly column from WorldNetDaily, where it was launched more than two years ago and propelled into national newspaper syndication, to his own fan website –

O’Reilly’s last “No Spin Zone” column will run on WorldNetDaily Nov. 28.

The Fox News Channel’s star anchor plans to make his website the exclusive Internet home of the weekly column and continue syndicating in newspapers. WorldNetDaily acted as O’Reilly’s agent in establishing the 10-year syndication contract with Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles and maintains a 10 percent interest in the column.

The column was just the second Internet-only feature ever to be syndicated for newspapers. The first was David Limbaugh’s twice-weekly column, developed by WorldNetDaily and also syndicated by Creators, which continues to run in WND before it runs in any other venue. WorldNetDaily Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah also provides a twice-weekly column to Creators Syndicate.

“This is Bill O’Reilly’s decision,” said Farah. “I don’t think it is a wise one for him, but people have to make their own choices in life.”

WorldNetDaily is a top 1,000 website in the world, and the largest independent English-language newssite, while the new Bill O’Reilly site currently is ranked well below 300,000 other websites.

“When I first approached Bill O’Reilly about writing a column for WorldNetDaily, I asked him what his goals were,” recollected Farah. “He told me there were three – to develop a syndicated column, to author a No. 1 best-selling book and to host the No. 1 cable news show. Within six months of launching the column on WorldNetDaily, we had helped him achieve all three goals.”

O’Reilly explained his move “is not about money, it is about consolidation” in his life. He now uses his Fox News Channel show to promote his column on his new website rather than on WorldNetDaily as he had every week for more than two years.