Bush wins, what next?

By Jerry Falwell

The nation’s mainstream media has been dancing around the actuality of what happened on Tuesday, when the Republican Party defied history by claiming unprecedented victories. This was a political mandate, wherein the American people obviously expressed their trust in their president.

Thanks to the leadership of President George W. Bush, who was willing to put his political reputation on the line, the GOP message of permanently lowering taxes to stimulate the economy, bolstering our homeland defense and advancing solutions for fixing Social Security was heard by the American people.

Campaign for Working Families Chairman Gary Bauer noted, “The liberal media would have had a field day spinning a Republican loss as a major black eye for the president.”

President Bush understood the potential cost of seeing his endorsed candidates lose. Nevertheless, he courageously traveled across the nation to advance the campaigns of the leaders who will allow him to pursue his domestic policies while also fighting the war on terror that continues to threaten our nation and the world.

Mr. Bush now has the opportunity to seize the agenda on Capitol Hill in a fashion virtually no one predicted prior to Tuesday’s election. Even Democrats must respect this bold accomplishment.

Actually, Democrats are too busy licking their wounds right now to appreciate the political juggernaut that shook the nation.

House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt is the first casualty, announcing he will step down. Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe will almost certainly follow suit, his political career possibly in ruins.

One of the challengers for Mr. Gephardt’s job is House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi – a liberal’s liberal. She reportedly has the support of more than 100 House Democrats. I, for one, hope she gets the job. Such a move would prove to voters that this is the party of the left. Tuesday’s mass triumph illustrates that this is a losing scenario.

Apparently, Democrats have not grasped what actually happened in the momentous election on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that the American people want the Republicans to get down to brass tacks in terms of addressing the chief political concerns that face our nation.

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi has already stated that, with the GOP in control of both houses, the traffic jam of bills that has plagued Congress will be broken. He said that three legislative agendas must be immediately addressed: homeland security, the economy and – great news to Christians – partial-birth abortion. Outgoing Majority Leader Tom Daschle had refused to bring up a vote on partial-birth abortion after the House passed a ban on the horrifying procedure.

“I will call it up, we will pass it, and the president will sign it,” said Mr. Lott, sounding like the statesman he needs to be, in an interview with American Family Radio. “I’m making that commitment – you can write it down.”

I can guarantee that if Mr. Lott will lead the Senate with boldness and clarity, he will earn the loyal support of conservative Americans in this nation. Mr. Bush earned a mandate on Tuesday. It’s now time for the Republican leadership to follow his gutsy lead and aggressively press for the passage of pro-life, pro-family bills.

There’s an important “what’s next?” question for conservative people of faith, as well.

I know for a fact that untold numbers of Christians prayed and fasted over this election. And I believe God has honored our prayers. It is now our responsibility to fervently keep President Bush and the Senate and House leadership in our prayers.

President Bush is not a savior. He is a flawed man, like you and I. But I believe he is a godly and upright man who truly wants what is best for this nation. He is following in the path laid down by Ronald Reagan.

Please join me in praying that God will sustain and strengthen President Bush as he embarks on this exciting new phase of his presidency.