America is afraid

By WND Staff

A prime motivator for failing to stand up for what’s right in your families, your schools and communities, and in your jobs is fear. It is amazing how powerful and paralyzing fear is, especially when it’s not specific.

Like floating anxiety, it’s floating fear that something bad will happen to me. Then some rational thought is brought to bear – your psychological defense mechanisms take over, and you start thinking of ways to explain your inaction, other than your own cowardice. But the bottom line is fear.

What brings this to mind? All life to me is like one long thread that connects things. I had an interesting afternoon recently and I spent a lot of time thinking about this thread and how everything is connected – from the microscopic to the mega. This is how it started off. I drove home and, I don’t know, it was just a tired day so I plopped in front of the TV set and turned on Turner Classics.

An old propaganda film was on about how Germany was swallowed up by the Third Reich – how this most enlightened country in Europe, with probably more educated people per square inch than anywhere else in Europe, was capable of creating and promoting Nazism. The film was a love story of a boy who was a Nazi Hitler youth and a girl who was a nice American, born in Germany but believed in democracy and freedom.

I only watched it for about half an hour because I couldn’t bear it. It was so honest. It pointed out that Nazism built slowly. Anybody who disagreed was either killed, their family threatened or tortured or they had drastic surgery to make sure certain kinds of people didn’t reproduce. Sterilization guaranteed that there would only be blond-haired, blue-eyed gorgeous perfect soldiers and soldierettes of the state. No one could object or hold a different opinion.

I would imagine when Americans were first shown this movie, they were shocked, because this was so anti-American in thinking. (You get three people in a room in the United States, and you get four arguments.)

But, I frankly see this beginning to happen in America. I flipped through the channels because I couldn’t stand watching this any more and I happened on to Harry Belafonte, talking about Colin Powell on Larry King. Now I’m not a big fan of Colin Powell. In my opinion, he is not the man for the job, but his color is irrelevant. However, color was relevant to Harry Belafonte, who believes that, if you are black, you’re only a good black if you agree with the activist agenda. You can’t be conservative. Look what happened to Justice Clarence Thomas. You can’t be black and have your own mind.

Isn’t this the same thing they were doing in Nazi Germany? If you are black you have to say one thing, if you are “gay” you have to have one point of view, and if you are feminist you have to spout yet another party line. If you don’t follow these lines, you are “bad,” “hateful,” or a “turn-coat.” To be a decent person in America today, in terms of political correctness, you have to support “gay” marriage, abortion, unwed motherhood – in fact, celebrate that, especially if mom is a movie star – gun control and a growing acceptance of child sexuality, even with adults. Holding these views prevents you from being verbally attacked by others.

I don’t know who elected Harry Belafonte spokesperson for all blacks in America. If there was an election, I missed it. He basically said on national television that Colin Powell was like the house slave obeying “Massa.” Harry Belafonte probably votes Democrat, but he has forgotten what democratic means – it means that the individual matters. But not to Harry Belafonte and most activist people. The individual no longer matters. One must conform to the party line or be destroyed.

And, you know what the center point of all of this is? Fear. Blacks write to me saying, I can’t speak my conservative views. I will lose my job. My character will be assassinated. “Gay” people write to me and say the same thing. Female and male university professors write me, saying the same thing, and ask me not to use their names. Fear is running this country.

Is the whole world coming down on Harry Belafonte for making these insulting statements about our secretary of state? Or for suggesting that a black person must think as he does, or he can’t be a decent black person? No.

We are losing our democracy to groupthink, empowered by guerilla-warfare tactics. So most people are living in fear. Political correctness, when it first came up, was sort of a joke. Now it’s anything but. I look around and see how it immobilizes so many otherwise decent people.