We saw, we heard, we remembered

By Barbara Simpson

Did they get the message? Probably not. The Democrat Party is like a mule – if you want to make him do something, hit him in the head with a 2×4 first, to get his attention. No wonder their symbol is a donkey!

The midterm election of 2002 was the 2×4. The message was clear: The voters are sick and sicker of the Democrat hammer-hold – and proved it with their ballots.

For the first time in a long time, the party in power gained in a midterm election. President George Bush made history Tuesday and faces the next two years with control in the House and Senate. Not only that, strong Republican gubernatorial gains – winning more than half the contested governor’s races – reflect the heart of the country.

George Bush ignored opposition needling and the snorts of media pundits that he should attend to business and get off the campaign trail. But Mr. Bush knew what business needed attending and did it. He was out there supporting candidates where the extra push was needed. It worked for them. He ignored California, and Republicans lost.

He was especially mindful of the tough race his brother faced in Florida – made more personal by the announced Democrat vendetta to oust Jeb Bush. They failed spectacularly as the governor rolled to victory.

The Democrats used what they thought were the big guns of their arsenal in a variety of races – the old familiar names: Clinton (both of them), Gore, Kennedy and, yes, even Mondale! It didn’t help, as illustrated by the swamping the Democrats took in Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota and Georgia.

There are too many Democrat losers to list, but the reality is that Americans are fed up. They’re also smartening up to the fact that the only way to fight is in the voting booth.

One of the lessons of the campaign is that having Bill Clinton fight for you is no advantage. Maybe even a vote loser. No candidate he campaigned for was successful. Hmmm.

The first mistake Democrats made 10 years ago was taking advantage of the public. They considered the election of Bill Clinton a free pass. They did what they pleased and got away with most of it. What they forgot was that people notice and remember. (Is that why the Republicans’ symbol is the elephant?) The earthquake started in 2000. It continues.

Democrats and the media are asserting that Americans made a “right turn.” Wrong! The truth is that Americans have been “right” all along.

The foundation of this country is in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We’re blessed with these blueprints for freedom and know we’ll lose everything if we’re not vigilant. The truth of that was made clear on Sept. 11, 2001.

The closeness of the race that elected George Bush and the stunning defeat of liberalism in this election are a reflection that it isn’t politics as usual.

George Bush faces crises not seen by any president in recent years, if ever. He faces tough issues with decisions to make about taxes, jobs, immigration, trade, education, judicial appointments, medical care and social security. It goes on, but above all, he faces the prospect of war – a new kind of war against an enemy which is everywhere – including hiding among us at home. Most importantly, he faces the prospect of sending fellow Americans to fight that war.

Americans rallied behind the president on Sept. 11 because he was a leader. He was “the man” and he was “everyman.” He showed his steely strength, his decency and his humanity. He showed he knows and values what was and is at stake. Americans saw, heard and remembered.

So how do the Democrats respond? They say if the country turned right, they’ll turn left – way left. They think people didn’t have a choice and that going left will provide that.

They want Nancy Pelosi as House leader. The San Francisco congresswoman embodies “the left of the left” and is a woman too! The thought seems to be Nancy will lead them out of the valley of conservative ignorance to the Valhalla of liberal solutions.

Americans need to remember that despite the looks, designer wardrobe, speaking ability, political connections (the California Democratic machine is powerful), money (she’s one of the richest in Washington), and ambition – Nancy Pelosi is still a Democrat. The arrangement may change, but the tune is still the same.

Let’s hope Americans continue to see, hear and remember.