Whistleblower for Christmas!

By WND Staff

WorldNetDaily editors’ top choice for Christmas gift-giving this year is a subscription to Whistleblower, our popular, power-packed monthly print magazine.

Each and every edition is special – a stunning exploration of one news topic of urgent importance, a topic vital to our continued freedom, but generally ignored by most of the media.

The current issue, titled “TERRORISTS AMONG US,” reveals dramatically how murderous jihadists, their supporters and fund-raisers have taken advantage of America’s open society, civil rights and religious freedom to hide a sophisticated and wide-ranging support network for international terrorism.

Recent Whistleblower editions have included: “THE FLIGHT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS” (November); “GREEN WITH ENVY” (October); “WINNING THE WAR ON TERROR” (September); “THE NEW PAGANISM” (August); “GAY RIGHTS’ SECRET AGENDA” (July); “SHATTERING THE MYTHS OF THE MIDDLE EAST” (June) and “THE NEWS MAFIA” (May).

“People are just blown away when they read their first issue of Whistleblower. Do you remember what it was like the first time you read WorldNetDaily? Reading Whistleblower for the first time is a similar experience. It’s that good,” said WorldNetDaily CEO Joseph Farah. “If you really want to open up the eyes of people near and dear to you, there’s no better way than giving them a subscription to Whistleblower.”

Upon receipt of your order, we will promptly mail a handsome GIFT ANNOUNCEMENT CARD to the lucky recipient of your gift subscription.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, when you give someone a gift subscription to Whistleblower, WND will send TWO special thank-you gifts directly to you. One is the extraordinary Christmas 2001 issue of Whistleblower, titled “One Nation Under God?” which WND Editor Joseph Farah called “simply the best issue of any magazine I’ve ever read.”

The other free gift is our highly acclaimed “Homeland Security” package – described as “WND’s best information on staying safe in an age of terrorism.”

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