Unplug Moyers, PBS

By Joseph Farah

I think I have finally met a person who is my polar opposite.

If there were a parallel universe and each one of us had an opposite personality, this fellow would be mine.

This is a guy who is wrong about everything. Even when he’s right, he’s wrong because of his evil motivations.

Who is this man?

It’s Bill Moyers, the political activist masquerading as a journalist and living the comfortable, taxpayer-subsidized life at PBS.

Check out Moyers’ latest commentary for PBS. Let us see if we can count the lies. Anyone have a calculator handy?

“Way back in the 1950s when I first tasted politics and journalism …”

Stop the transcript! What Moyers really means here is: In the 1950s, he first began injecting his own political biases into his journalism work. It wasn’t long before he was actively campaigning for Democratic Party presidential candidates, getting appointments from those men once they were elected and jumping back and forth between government, politics and media as if there were no distinctions between them.

Let us continue with Moyers’ commentary: “… Republicans briefly controlled the White House and Congress. With the exception of Joseph McCarthy and his vicious ilk, they were a reasonable lot, presided over by that giant war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, who was conservative by temperament and moderate in the use of power.”

Translation: “I hate Joseph McCarthy because he was a determined anti-communist. I like Commies. Some of my best friends are Commies. Some people might even think I’m a Commie. Ike was OK because he was a doddering old fool as president and my friends could easily manipulate him. But that McCarthy! He was mean.”

Moyers: “That brand of Republican is gone. And for the first time in the memory of anyone alive, the entire federal government – the Congress, the Executive, the Judiciary – is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate.”

Isn’t this rich? The U.S. Supreme Court, as currently constituted, according to Moyers, is part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy. The last time I counted the heads on that court, there were three conservatives out of nine. George Bush is a right-winger? The Congress? For the life of me, I can’t name even one right-wing vote in the U.S. Senate – not one.

Now let’s find out what their dangerous agenda is all about:

“That mandate includes the power of the state to force pregnant women to give up control over their own lives,” Moyers continues.

Now, I have to assume here that Moyers is referring to abortion – a procedure that undeniably kills one human life usually for the convenience of another. Moyers thinks so little of motherhood that be believes women “give up control over their own lives” when they see a pregnancy through nine months. Moyers would rather see the power of the state used to force people of conscience and conviction to pay for the violent execution of unborn babies on a massive scale. In other words, he would pay for the “liberation” of women with the blood of innocent children.

Back to Moyers: “It includes using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich.”

Now this one is an ingenious lie. Do you recognize what Moyers is trying to do? He knows it is immoral for the state to use force to steal from one person to benefit another. But he knows this is an absolute imperative to his ideology. So, what does he do? He accuses right-wingers of doing exactly what he and his socialist friends do – forcible redistribution of property. Amazing!

Now here’s the topper: “And if you like God in government, get ready for the Rapture. These folks don’t even mind you referring to the GOP as the party of God. Why else would the new House majority leader say that the Almighty is using him to promote ‘a biblical worldview’ in American politics?”

Bill, I have news for you. There was a time in this country when nearly all elected officials espoused a biblical worldview. In fact, without that worldview active in the hearts and minds of our founders, there would be no United States of America today.

Even though Moyers’ shtick on PBS is funnier than anything on “Saturday Night Live,” I think it’s time for the new vast right-wing conspiracy in Washington to add one more thing to its agenda – pull the plug on Moyers and PBS.