Spokesman asked about Palestinian transfer

By Les Kinsolving

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At yesterday’s White House news briefing, WND asked deputy presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about terror leader Osama bin Laden, as well as the administration’s policy on the transfer of population groups in the Middle East, as covered by WorldNetDaily.

WND: Scott, why does the White House believe that if Osama bin Laden were really alive, they would have him in a videotape, rather than presenting an audio tape, which is so easily forged?

MCCLELLAN: I can’t begin to speculate on that, Les.

WND: Do you think that he is alive?

MCCLELLAN: Les, one, if he is, he’s running. We have taken away the safe haven he had in Afghanistan. We have disrupted the network. But this war is going to be long; it’s going to be difficult. We’ve said that from the beginning. And we will continue working with our global coalition to track down these terrorists and their leaders wherever they are and bring them to justice. They can hide and they can run, but we will not let up one bit.

WND: Just to clarify that, you would admit that it’s easier to forge an audio tape than a videotape?

MCCLELLAN: Well, Les, again, you’re asking about a specific videotape. It’s continuing to be analyzed. Whoever the person is on that videotape, we take those threats in – I mean, in the audio tape. I’m sorry, in the audio tape –

WND: No doubt it is Osama?

MCCLELLAN: – we take those threats very seriously.

WND: Both Agence France-Presse and WorldNetDaily report that in Israel, there’s growing support for what is called transfer. Can you recall for us any objection by the first Bush administration to Kuwait’s very rapidly transferring more than a quarter of a million Palestinians out of Kuwait just after Desert Storm because they supported Saddam Hussein? And does the second Bush administration object to Israeli transfer of pro-terrorist Palestinians?

MCCLELLAN: One, I don’t speak for the first Bush administration; I speak for the current –

WND:But do you recall?

MCCLELLAN: I speak for the current Bush administration.

WND: But you’re a very well-informed fellow. And do you recall? I can’t recall any time that the Bush administration – the first one – ever objected to this massive deportation.

MCCLELLAN: Well, again, I don’t speak for the first Bush administration. Katie – let me go to Katie. We need to keep moving here.

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