Right wing rising in Pretoria?

By Anthony C. LoBaido

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Despite South African news stories about so-called “right-wing” plots to stage a coup and overthrow the government, leaders within the white Boer-Afrikaner community here claim the allegations have no basis in fact and are nothing more than ANC propaganda.

Is there a massive and complex right-wing plot to topple the ANC Marxist government? Or is this notion merely a convoluted set of quasi-related facts that when studied in detail, fail to add up to a white, right-wing conspiracy?

“I don’t like the term ‘right wing.’ It is a Marxist term. We Boer-Afrikaners are simply ‘Volk.’ We are a people – like the Navajo, Eskimos or Zulus. We are a tribe. We are not right or left wing. We only seek to protect our own culture, identity, Afrikaans language, history and way of life,” Afrikaner farmer Kallie Dippennar of the Orange Free State told WorldNetDaily.

According to most thinking and unbiased South Africa watchers, the so-called weapons caches unearthed in South Africa this year do not point to a radical white supremacy movement but merely the “defensive preparation” by conservative Afrikaners for what “they surely know is coming,” says Dippennar.

“Nambia, Zimbabwe and the ANC will launch an-all out war against the whites in South Africa, and this war will be fought along cultural and racial lines.”

The small links the radical and ultra right wing in South Africa has to the outside world are minimal at best. For example, their links to radical Scandinavian rightists are rooted merely in sympathy and information exchange.

“The radical right wing in South African cannot topple the government. It could, as any group or individual could, carry out an extremist attack, say on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange,” said Allen Weller, a British researcher based in Pretoria who is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis on violence in the “New South Africa.”

In addition to the arms caches discovered by the ANC, the ruling Marxist regime claims it has intercepted several right-wing documents of note. One contains details of major South African infrastructure and plans to mobilize support at South African military bases around the nation in the quest to stage a coup against the ANC. Arms depots, airports, power plants and media outlets were all targeted in this document. The planners of this coup, says the ANC, are not simple farmers or out-of-work miners, nor are they mentally unstable. Rather, they are white, middle-class officers with high-level positions in the new South African National Defense Force. This particular document, according to the ANC, shows a high level of technical and logistical detail that could only have been written by a top-echelon SANDF leader.

A second document of note contains a list of alleged enemies of the Afrikaners, which includes the usual suspects like the World Bank, Zionism (although Israel was a top Afrikaner ally and is currently an ANC enemy), the U.N., Rotarians and Freemasons. These groups, according to the document, are uniting to bring about the creation of a world government under the coming “antichrist.” According to many conservative Afrikaners, radical Islam, Cuba, Russia, mainland China, North Korea, transnational drug lords, the U.S. State Department, the UK (against whom the Afrikaners fought both Boer wars), British intelligence, the CIA and European Union are thought to be mortal enemies.

Ex-South African Defense Force soldier Davison Coetzee told WorldNetDaily he wants the two documents released to the press.

“How do we know the ANC didn’t write up these documents? Where is the proof it is white officers who wrote them? I smell a rat,” said Coetzee.

In another incident, a dozen right-wingers are now in prison awaiting trial by the government for plotting a separate coup. Key figures who are fighting these charges are Sarel Kruger and Cornia van Wyk, the wife of Adriaan “At” van Wyk, another alleged coup figure. Kruger claims the ANC-led police knew in advance that Nic van Rensburg, who runs a firearms training academy in Centurion, would be murdered by rightists because he was suspected of being an ANC informant. Van Rensburg was shot 10 times on May 9.

According to Kruger, police told him that both he and At van Wyk were on the same “hit list” as van Rensburg, before van Rensburg was assassinated. Kruger sees this is evidence that the police knew about the plot to take out van Rensburg and could have prevented it. He also believes that informants have been used to plant false information in right-wing circles. Both Cornia van Wyk and Kruger want a man named J.C. Smit to testify in court on this issue. They believe that Smit was a police informant. Phone records show that Smit made eight calls to a top South African police superintendent within 48 hours of the van Rensburg killing.

The details of this movement go back to 1994, when prior to South Africa’s first multiracial election – which turned out to be one of the most fraudulent in modern history – the Afrikaner Volksfront and the Zulu Nation led by Mangosuthu Buthelezi joined forces seeking to create an independent homeland in the Transvaal. A state of emergency was declared while British frigates sailed off the Mozambique coast, and the secret U.S. airbase in Botswana, backed by elite British SAS special forces, went on high alert.

Bombs were set off in black areas, which killed 24 people and injured 200. South African Wakefield Manner, considered the finest special forces operator in the history of the now defunct South African Defense Force, claims it was actually the white apartheid intelligence service that set up the bombings to discredit the right-wing whites in the early 1990s.

“Shortly before the elections, several national intelligence agents, working still for DeKlerk’s apartheid regime, approached me,” Manner explained to WorldNetDaily. “They inquired about setting up a series of bombings that would make the ANC and the South African Party call off the 1994 elections. I told them outright that the Afrikaner was not a terrorist and that such bombings were the epitome of evil. The Afrikaner will only fight in uniform for an elected leader and under stated goals of nationhood.

“I also told the intelligence agents that [now deceased] SACP leader Joe Slovo had waited his whole life for the 1994 elections. They were the corrupt elections with international ‘approval’ from the U.N., CIA, British intelligence, European Union and the U.S. State Department that would bring the ANC and Communist Party to power. There was no way, I explained, that Slovo and the SACP and the Mandela clique would ever call off those elections.”

So how did the bombings occur?

Continued Manner, “The NIA approached the AWB [the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, a radical rightist paramilitary group heavily infiltrated by the DeKlerk government] and got some of their members with very low IQs to plant and set off the bombs. That is why they were apprehended so quickly. These AWB people sincerely thought they would stop the Marxist takeover of our country with a few bombs. They were deceived. Terrorism is never an answer to anyone’s problems – unless you are the ANC and Mandela, of course, and you like to set off bombs on Church Street or carry out the Shell House massacre of unarmed Zulus.”

The ‘Volks movement’

According to Transvaal-based Boer political activist Marge Leitne, “The emphasis our Boer people must strive for is to focus the ‘will of the people’ to save and to build the Boer culture, which is based on a God-fearing nation, living according to God’s will. It’s a call to preserve the Boerevolk and its identity in the face of the ANC government’s planned ‘Integrated Development Planning’ with the ‘African Renaissance’ in mind.

“Its also a call to begin a ‘separatist movement’ similar to the Basques in Spain, from the grass-roots level, to retain the Christian and moral values of the Boer history and culture within this country,” she told WorldNetDaily.

“Its a call by the ‘Sameroeperinisatief-Kommunikasie Groep’, which are the initiators of this proposed movement toward self-determination and freedom. There is mention of the ‘Volks movement.’ I reckon we are seeing the beginnings of this right now. This is what this current ANC government fears most – a movement which will ignite nationalism. Once that takes hold at grass-roots level, there’s nothing that will stop that flame. The Boer history proves that. That’s why the government is so desperate to stop any move in this direction, giving it all sorts of derogatory names and dismissing it all as ‘the lunatic right wing.’ It’s all part of the propaganda war. It’s aimed at discrediting both the Boers themselves, as well as deliberate disinformation sent out to the rest of the world.”

Another Boer political activist, Ruben Peck, told WND, “[The ANC] should fear for their stability. They are witnessing too many spectacles. When principle is gone, permanence cannot guarantee performance. South Africans can wake up one morning and realize that the emperor has no clothes on!

“True democratic institutions are less vulnerable to this process than the Marxist ones that toppled everywhere. … A seismic shift in the South African political landscape, bigger than anything since 1994, may be closer that we think. South Africa’s economy is living on borrowed time, and the social fabric is fraying, with morality down the drain. In consequence, legitimacy could destroy all of the established political parties, equal stockholders in the mounting crisis, sooner rather than later.” Peck said. “South Africans have been promised safety in the streets, equality without favoritism, foreign investments, hundreds of thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of jobs, their own schools, protection of their numerous languages and cultures, a sound economy. They were promised their safety and security. In fact, they were promised that SA would be a model for Africa. …”

Continued Peck, “Various Afrikaner Boer organizations are involved in intensive behind-the-scenes deliberations. Its aim is a confederation, equal rights and self-government to all indigenous peoples. The vehicle to achieve this goal is definitely not a political-party one. Slowly but surely, the Boers are realizing that a ‘Volks movement’ with a political wing based on Boer consciousness, Boer identity, their faith and their aspirations to rule themselves in total sovereignty, is the only vehicle to ultimate glory and triumph, the Boers claim.”

A nation in turmoil

Why are conservatives in South Africa upset about the direction of the nation? The answers are legion and depend on whom one asks.

One answer involves the influx of teachers from Cuba to teach liberation ideology. Over 100,000 white teachers have been retrenched by the ANC to make room for the Cubans.

Says former SADF Col. Pieter Van Rap Horst, “The ANC knows that if they can separate one generation of Afrikaner children from their history, that they will be able to forever control this nation. Sadly, many white families are believing the lies of the ‘Rainbow Nation,’ which is unworkable, to say the least.”

Violence is out of control in South Africa’s schools. As is drug use. Since the ANC took power in 1994, South Africa has become the transshipment point for 25 percent of the world’s drugs. Over half of Cape Town’s school principals claim that their family relationships and health are seriously deteriorating because of the job stress associated with violent and ill-behaved students.

Over 1,300 out of 40,000 white farmers in South Africa has been murdered since 1994, with another 6,000 attacks recorded. This makes the Boer-Afrikaner the highest at-risk group for murder on earth. The ANC speaks of “communal land reform” and is seeking to take at least 30 percent of the white-owned farms by the year 2015.

A woman is raped in South Africa every 23 seconds, while murder are out of control. Diane Conway, 60, the wife of retired British army officer John Conway was murdered recently at a swank tourist resort. The British government was outraged, and the ANC government has put 67 detectives on the case. John Conway was shot in the neck at the Royal Hotel in Pilgrims Rest. He has been hospitalized and is in stable condition. Also, a 24-year-old Cape Town resident was executed at 9 p.m. outside the Cavendish Square mall in a Cape Town suburb. His girlfriend was taken by blacks to a local black township where she was brutalized and gang raped. There is no description of the attackers who will get off scot-free, say local police. “The girl who was raped will most likely develop AIDS and die a horrible death,” says Cape Town schoolteacher Hillary Krige.

Letlapa Mphahlele, the commander of the radical Marxist group APLA, or the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (the group wants to rename South Africa “Azania”), held a book launching with the Cape Town Press Club last month. At the event, Mphahlele spoke about how he personally ordered the murder of scores of whites during a church service at the St. James Church in July of 1993. The target was selected because it was believed that the congregation was all white and that they would not be armed. APLA terrorists entered the church with guns and grenades. They killed scores of people, including Eastern Europeans and many who were not white.

Mphahlele told the Cape Town press that “whites must share responsibility for the St. James Massacre.” He said he ordered the attack so that “whites felt the impact of violence in this country.” Mphahlele’s book, “Child of this Soil,” was launched as he met with Ginn Fourie, whose daughter Lyndi was killed in the 1993 attack. Mphahlele said that white South Africans should have spoken out against the former apartheid regime to help bring about change in the country. Yet many white South Africans have been doing that since 1948. Fourie told the South African media she was impressed with Mphahlele’s “genuine humanity.” She added that she was glad to have met the APLA leader. For his part, Mphahlele said that the attack on the St. James church “involved human feelings, and it was a painful experience and my approach would be to meet the survivors.”

Mphahlele criticized the ANC regime, saying that “people have been betrayed by this new dispensation.” He added that South Africa’s black poor might “resort to anarchy” due to their “continued suppression.” The killing and rape and confiscation of white farms in neighboring Zimbabwe, he says, might “pale in significance” to the potential mass anarchy and killing of whites in South Africa in the future.

As documented in the book “Shooting Back,” a St. James Church member was armed and shot at the fleeing attackers, thus saving countless lives.

One survivor of the massacre, who asked that her name not be used in an interview with WorldNetDaily, said, “Mphahlele did not do his homework. St. James has been a multiracial church since the early 1980s. I saw people blown to pieces by hand grenades. How can this insane murderous monster be welcomed by our people at a function to launch his personal book about these and other terrorist acts?”

The ANC is seeking an almost complete takeover of the South African Broadcast Corporation and is forcing Afrikaans-language high schools and universities to switch their language instruction to English. The government forcefully placed the current president of the ANC Youth League (which chants “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!” at its youth rallies) on the board of directors at the conservative Afrikaans university in Potchefstroom.

“This is like Eichmann being appointed to the Board of the University of Tel Aviv,” one South African political commentator commented.

South Africa has, intentionally, lost control of its boarders, accepting millions of illegal aliens from Congo, Zimbabwe and other nations to replace the legions of black South Africans dying of AIDS.

Gilbert Du Toit, a South African policeman, told WND, “Many violent criminals we arrest here are a part of genocidal gangs in the Congo and in places like Rwanda. We are talking about trained, expert killers with no conscience. The holocausts in Sierra Leone and Rwanda, the hacking off of feet and hands of children by the hundreds of thousands – some of those who engaged in these crimes, they are dealing drugs, murdering, raping and pillaging on our streets. Last week, black immigrants from countries to the north of South Africa engaged in a shooting and killing spree during Cape Town rush hour traffic. Carjackings in Cape Town are up 50 percent in 2002, and even old cars are being hijacked for spare parts.

The job outlook for young Afrikaner whites in South Africa is so bleak that in Pretoria alone, there are over 5,000 young male Afrikaner prostitutes. Most are under the age of 30. Around 85 percent of their clients are married white men and include military officers, lawyers, judges and religious ministers. According to a two year study carried out by the University of South Africa, these young prostitutes are exposed to almost 50 kinds of venereal diseases and the accompanying drug, alcohol abuse and violence that surround prostitution. So called “super callboys” can make $50 for one sex act. The usual rate is $18.

The best of the super callboys often travel overseas with rich executives while their wives remain in South Africa, say Pretoria police interviewed by WorldNetDaily.

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