Dirty-girl politics

By Vox Day

Call it the “Dirty Girl Theory Of Politics.” Democrats are skanks – there’s no need to buy them since their principles already revolve around the pursuit of raw power. I have zero sympathy for these sluts of the political spectrum, and it was sweet to see the electorate dismiss the banal fearmongering by the party of the evil and the stupid.

But one expects nothing from those who stand for naught but union interests, barely watered-down socialism and baby murder. It would be ludicrous to expect more, just as it would be absurd to think that the class ‘ho will go to her wedding bed a virgin. One expects nothing but evil and stupidity from Democrats, and one gets … Nancy Pelosi, which is to say, evil and stupidity in Chanel.

Nevertheless, it is the Republican party which inspires me, a former Young Republican, to outrage. I still subscribe to exactly the same principles which caused me to become a Republican in the first place – namely: freedom, liberty and the American Constitution. Yet, were it not for the harsh lessons in reality which drove me to become a Libertarian, it would be sickening to see how George Bush and his brothel of unprincipled political prostitutes have chosen to spend their electoral mandate from the American people.

Have these Republican whores accommodated the wishes of their strongest allies, the Christian Right, by drawing on the support of more than 70 percent of the populace to ban the disgusting and murderous abomination that is partial-birth abortion? No, they don’t wish to appear extreme. Are they willing to fire the bureaucratic losers who totally failed in their responsibilities to defend the country on Sept. 11? No, it’s more important to avoid offending Saudi Arabia and other financial supporters of violent Islamic expansion. Do they speak out against clerics calling for the mass extermination of Jews? No, instead they condemn Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham.

Republicans seldom do as they promise, nor do they ever live up to their professed ideals. The Department of Education still stands. National Public Radio and the National Endowment for the Arts still freely spread their toxic filth at taxpayer expense. Leviathan has grown so fast he has stretch marks. Bob Dole used to brag about carrying the Tenth Amendment around in his breast pocket, but as Jamie Lee Curtis once said, “The gorilla can read Nietzsche, he just doesn’t understand it!”

Indeed, the act of selling one’s Republican derriere is so common in Washington that it has become a verb, “to grow.” So, which is worse, the whore who sells it or the skank who gives it away for free? I have more respect for the skanks – at least they are honest.

The most compelling piece of evidence that the Republican Party has sold its principles for power is the disgusting flexing of statist muscle that is the Homeland Security Act. It contains a whole host of evils, foremost of which is the Information Awareness Office, a diabolical creation intended to reduce individual Americans to naked, defenseless, easily manipulated bits in a federal Matrix. The IAO is even acronymically diabolical. Consider the following text from “The Gnostic Mass,” conceived by the occultist Aleister Crowley in a perverse mockery of the Catholic Eucharist:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I proclaim the Law of Light, Life, Love and Liberty in the name of IAO.

But Admiral Poindexter’s IAO surely has more in common with the Geheime Staatspolizei than with the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness declared by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Demonstrably the foremost Republican priority since the election, the Homeland Security Act is the most egregious act of war by the U.S. government against the Constitution since the War Between the States and the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

While I fully support America’s war on Iraq, al-Qaida and the rest of our self-declared enemies, I believe that George Bush and his administration have made it quite clear that they are intending to use this war to advance their insidious goal of increasing the power of the central state at the expense of the individual.

Certainly, our elected whores and skanks alike appear to be more interested in waging war on the individual rights and freedoms of the American people than in defending them and their Constitution.