‘Time to do away with the USA’

By WND Staff

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The 11th world chess champion, Bobby Fischer, is known for not saying much.

He has spent years in self-imposed seclusion, though for 30 years he has been regarded as an eccentric and not averse to criticizing his native United States.

Fischer did speak out rather vociferously immediately after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but his remarks to an obscure foreign radio station did not resonate in the wake of the devastating tragedy.

Slowly but surely, more news services are beginning to discover the astonishing remarks made the day of the terror attacks to Radio Bombo in Baguio City in the Philippines.

“This is all wonderful news,” he said. “It is time to do away with the USA once and for all.”

The quotes were picked up mostly recently by Pravda.ru, the Russian-online publication that maintains a content-sharing agreement with WorldNetDaily. In December 2001, the London Sunday Times reported on the remarks. The Ottawa Citizen published the Sunday Times story. But, until now, no U.S.-based publication has reported on the statement by Fischer.

The chess champion added that at first he didn’t believe the attacks had really happened – that all the crimes America had committed all over the world returned to haunt it. He said: “I applaud the terrorist act. The USA and Israel have been killing Palestinians for many years. Now they get what they deserve.”

Fischer gave the interview to the radio station because he is reportedly a friend of Pablo Mercado, the station manager. Mercado confirmed for the Sunday Times that he took the call from Fischer and interviewed him on the air.