Israel to add territory – in the sea

By WND Staff

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Following the example of Japan, Israel is planning to expand its territory into the sea with the construction of two manmade islands, reports Pravda online.

The Israel Institute of Technology, says the report, is developing a large-scale project for the construction of two artificial, teardrop-shaped islands, each costing investors approximately $1 billion.

While the sums involved are considerable, those behind the idea say the cost of construction will be recovered rather quickly. According to the report, new office complexes, airports and blocks of apartments with views of the Mediterranean will be built on the islands.

Plans include connection to the mainland via both bridges and a system of underwater tunnels.

The islands, reports Pravda, will not only accommodate up to 20,000 inhabitants and provide offices to 10,000, it is hoped they also will attract up to 20,000 tourists each day.

Some observers have expressed concern about how the new islands will impact the environment. The present coastline and beaches are likely to be altered due to the project, as will marine wildlife.

Engineers have proposed moving thousands of cubic meters of sand to Israeli beaches to help mitigate the project’s effects.

According to Pravda, the Israeli government is likely to give developers the go-ahead for the project in about three months.