My ‘elders’ need to grow up

By Kyle Williams

On Thursday, I turned 14. It’s always fun to do something special and have a good time on these days. However, it caused me to go back and remember what I have been taught in the relatively short years I’ve been alive.

I entered this world with good parents, a great family, a demand for standards in responsibility and education, a mom and dad that educated me in Christianity, and also a world with family values and a vision of the way our nation was supposed to work.

I am very fortunate in that, as it was a protected lifestyle without the dangers of a government education society, and with the highlight of television being “I Love Lucy” and “Leave it to Beaver” reruns.

Yet, what I wish to focus on is responsibility and a form of pride that I was taught. The idea that we respect other beliefs and go on about our opinions and beliefs without interrupting and offending other Americans.

I was naive in my idea early on that everyone had that. That everyone is responsible, moral, and respected all opinions. I had a rude awakening when I unexpectedly became aware of politics.

I’m speaking of intolerant, irresponsible, crybabies who want to receive every little thing they see. The type of Americans who are greedy and spoiled enough to expect the entire world to stop at the sound of their voice to accommodate their every wish.

Government social programs communicate the extreme laziness and greed of Americans. Everyone wants something free. However, another area in which some are spoiled and greedy is where a group of people try to join a private organization of which they are not welcome.

The most recent case being the ongoing attack on the Boy Scouts of America. They have, it seems, the audacity to actually hold some sort of moral direction and grab on to American values.

Still, there are other private organizations that have certain rules that tend to offend women. Case in point: the Augusta National golf club has barred women from becoming members at the club. Although this has been the rule since the founding, the National Organization for Women and the rest of the annoying feminist clan have started a boycott of the Masters Golf Tournament.

Another example would be the homosexual crusade against the morality of the two “Scouts” of America. The Girl Scouts caved into their amazing pressure, but the Boy Scouts held through. We all know the outcome, but the Boy Scouts are still greatly opposed and many boycotts are still in effect.

Did you hear about the boy who was barred from the Boy Scouts for being an atheist? Liberals around the country have gone nuts, but what they fail to realize (or choose to ignore) is that the Boy Scouts is a private organization! It can do whatever it wants.

This nation didn’t become great because of diversity. It didn’t become great because of tolerance. It became great because we have the right to not be diverse and we have the right to be intolerant.

Discrimination and intolerance are what allows us to stay moral and hold true to principles. If that means offending people in the process, then so be it. The founders of this nation offended a few people in creating America as well.

Although as small and childish as they are, some tiny little children have more manners and cause less trouble than the so-called “adults” do here in America. It’s a rather disturbing sight.

The current state of things in America comes down to one, single word: irresponsibility. My so-called “elders” need to grow up.

We should all be able to have our own groups and discriminate against whomever we wish. In some cases, it’s a good thing, but other times it’s not so good, but it’s called “freedom.”