Giving AOL a run for its money

By WND Staff

WorldNetDaily and HiSurfer.Net this month celebrate their one-year anniversary offering great dial-up Internet access at a great price.

“Before this year, many of our readers told me they hated contributing to the fortunes of the AOL-CNN-Time-Warner media conglomerate so they could get alternative news on the Internet,” explains Joseph Farah, chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily. “Now there is an alternative for those using dial-up Internet service. The lower fees you pay each month will not go to support the kind of journalism you despise. It will go to fostering truly independent, cutting-edge, watchdog news-gathering.”

Now there’s a big incentive to sign up for this service by Dec. 12. WND/HiSurfer.Net is offering a great Holiday Giveaway program for all those who take advantage of this special anniversary celebration by that date. Sign up by Dec. 12 and you are automatically entered. It’s that easy.

Take a look at the fabulous prizes being offered.

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