Rush: Daschle gives
aid, comfort to enemy

By WND Staff

Radio talk-show king Rush Limbaugh accused outgoing Senate Majority
Leader Tom Daschle of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States by attacking President Bush and criticizing U.S. efforts in the war on terror.

“He’s attacked my president,” said Limbaugh of Daschle in an interview yesterday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howard Kurtz.

“He attacked our effort in the war on terrorism. He said he’s seen no evidence of any victory because we haven’t gotten [Osama] bin Laden.”

Limbaugh added: “He’s out there broadcasting this to the world. This is getting such coverage who knows what kind of aid and comfort it might be providing the people that we’re attempting to bring to justice here, either legally or militarily.”

Limbaugh was referring to comments Daschle made at a Nov. 13 news
conference, when he questioned whether the Bush administration “can legitimately say we are winning the war” against terrorists.

A week later, Daschle attacked talk radio, saying “Rush Limbaugh and all of the Rush Limbaugh wannabes have a very shrill edge.” He charged that threats on Democratic officials and their families “go up dramatically when Rush Limbaugh attacks” them.

Earlier on his own show, Limbaugh had said of Daschle: “What more do you want to do to destroy this country than you’ve already tried? Do you want your nickname to be Hanoi Tom, Tokyo Tom?”

Limbaugh said Daschle’s attack on him backfired on the outgoing Senate majority leader.

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